Rob Delaney With Neko Case and Kelly Hogan Tickets

Rob Delaney with Neko Case and Kelly Hogan is going to be a spectacular event that will bring together American comedians, actors and artists together in what is one of the most entertaining moments, filled with fun and music. This is an event that has already lead to many people ordering tickets for a chance to see these three renowned American entertainers live.

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About Rob Delaney With Neko Case and Kelly Hogan

Rob Delaney is an American comedian from Los Angeles, California. A graduate of the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University, he rose to fame through his Twitter account. He is also a writer and is the first comedian to win the Funniest Person on Twitter Award, part of the Comedy Central Awards. This award was won in 2012, two years after he was declared by Paste magazine as one of the funniest people on Twitter. One of the three starring in this event, he is bound to leave all those who have bought Rob Delaney with Neko Case and Kelly Hogan tickets mad with laughter.
Neko Case is an American artist from Tacoma, Washington known for her indie rock music, often mixed with folk rock, Americana and country. She is also a musician who plays the piano, percussion and guitar. She has been active in music since 1994 and has released music through labels such as Mint, Lady Pilot, Bloodshot and Pilot. She is known for her solo career in music and as a member of the famous indie rock band, The New Pornographers.
Neko Case has also been associated with groups such as The Corn Sisters, The Dodos, Maow, Cub and her own, Neko Case and Her Boyfriends. She is one of the three performing at the Rob Delaney with Neko Case and Kelly Hogan event, as well as one of the most anticipated members of the show.
The third member of the event is an American singer and songwriter hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. During the nineties, she rose to fame as part of The Jody Grind alongside Bill Taft, singing on two of their albums. She then joined the Theatrical Outfit and then the Rock*A*Teens, releasing two albums with them. In 1996, she released her solo album, featuring a number of covers of hit songs by Vic Chesnutt and Will Oldham. Kelly Hogan followed this up with an album in 2000 and a third album in 2001 with guest appearances by artists such as Andrew Bird, Pine Valley Cosmonauts and Edith Frost. She has also collaborated with Neko Case, another artist performing at the event alongside her. Featuring one of the best emerging comedians with two of the most popular artists famous for their music, this show is definitely worth seeing live by purchasing cheap Rob Delaney with Neko Case and Kelly Hogan tickets

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