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A lifelong art form hidden deep inside the personality was carved out and presented most beautifully towards the public when Richard Lewis emerged on stage as a prolific stand-up comedian. With appreciation and much love gathered from around the globe, Richard Lewis was complemented by Mel Brooks as Franz Kafka of the modern day comedy. It was sheer hard work, commitment and experimenting with variety of mediums that a well-carved comedian stands before the audience with pride. Claimed to be one of the top 50 comedians of all times by Comedy Central, Richard Lewis considers it a matter of immense pride. GQ Magazine also listed him on the 20th Century’s Most Influential Humorists which was nothing less than a matter of immense elation. In 1989, Richard Lewis faced a critical situation while performing at Carnegie Hall as only one audience was present to be entertained but he confidently performed and took it as a personal challenge.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Richard Lewis Cobb's Comedy Club San Francisco Friday
12/1/2017 8:00 PM
Richard Lewis Cobb's Comedy Club San Francisco Saturday
12/2/2017 7:30 PM
Richard Lewis Cobb's Comedy Club San Francisco Saturday
12/2/2017 9:45 PM

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Born in 1947, Richard Lewis is a noted American comedian and actor from Brooklyn, New York City. Although he does not belong to an aristocratic family yet the seeds of creativity were deeply engrained in him as his mother was an actress while father worked as a caterer. He took his education from Ohio State University and initially worked at an ad agency as copy writer. He took stand-up comedy as a profession in 1970’s but he gained recognition in 1980’s with his appearance at HBO’s Television Specials. He wrote comic articles for the magazines and even wrote comics for few comedians too. Later he realized that such act of making others laugh is what he can do better. This encouraged him and he started performing on stage. His creativity did not end at stage alone but he made appearance at a number of films too. Some of them includes Drunks, Wagons East!, Leaving Las Vegas, The Maze, Hugo Pool and Game Day which was a comedy film released in 1999. Currently Comedy Central classifies him at number 45 on the Comedy Central’s list of 100 Greatest Standups of All Time which is a matter of extreme pride for him for sure.

During 90’s Richard appeared at the launch of beverages Boku and Snapple and later in 2011 he appeared in the commercial of Snickers too. The pet phrase which Richard uses in his comedy performances is The __ from hell. This phrase soon became synonymous with Richard to such an extent that the Yale Book of Quotations gives credit to Richard and attributes the phrase to be the creation of Lewis. Some of the marked features of Richard are his all black outfits that did not change over the years. Those who follow him madly claim it to be the distinguished feature of his personality with Converse Sneakers adding to the glory. Although he keeps long pieces of papers by his side which he claims to be his notes but seldom he is seen even glancing at them as he performs extempore. It is this extempore delivery that makes his comedy pieces so true to reality with the facial expressions accompanying the dialogues making the performance worth watching.
Richard’s supersonic stream-of-consciousness grabbed him a huge batch of loyal audience over the years and a respect that is very precious to him indeed. Many claim that Richard made an effortless leap towards the dramatic projects while his list of accomplishments is a long one for sure. Although TV and Film venture did not assure grand name and fame to his shinning career yet his ship sailed pretty smoothly as he left his mark for those following him. Get some fits of laughter and bring out the worries as Richard Lewis tickets assure a time worth spending.
Nothing can force you to come to life better than cheap Richard Lewis tickets as they are a gateway to a fun filled evening. Gather your family and loved ones this season for a magnificent time you could have ever imagined!

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