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Born in a small Chattanooga in the state of Tennessee on the seventeenth of February in the year 1972, Ralphie May took on the career of being a standup comedian and has been able to gain substantial amount of fame and popularity. Though he was born in Tennessee, his family moved to Arkansas and was raised in the city of Clarksville. When it comes to comedy there are different genres in the field itself, Ralphie May is popular for engaging in witty wordplay, observational humor and satire. If wit is what you admire, then you should definitely consider viewing the next Ralphie May show.

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Such a combination of humor involves clever remarks based upon ones “wit” targeted at physical locations, everyday aspects and people full of irony and sarcasm often pursued to push the society and people into some form of improvement. Ralphie May infuses these different genres to create memorable humorous performances in his comedic shows. The young comedian offers a wide variety of jokes in his acts that essentially signify how some very important factors in today’s world are being ignored.
From a very young age Ralphie May was interested in comedy being inspired by legendary comedians such as Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, Buddy Hackett and Lenny Bruce. When he was seventeen he appeared in a competition for who would be the opening act for one of Sam Kinison comedic shows. Being one of his inspirations Ralphie auditioned and won the spot. His idol then advised him to move to the state of Texas if he was considering comedy as a professional career. Ralphie then decided to move to the great city of Houston for his big break. However, he decided to receive a graduate degree first in performing arts so he enrolled himself into the University of Performing Arts in Houston. Such was his dedication to this profession that he thought he ought to start from the basics of comedy. This dedication to humor can be easily seen amongst his many live performances which you can also become a part of if you buy cheap Ralphie May tickets.
After graduation, May moved to Los Angeles to start his professional career which was a wise decision. His claim to fame was his performance in Last Comic Standing. Last Comic Standing is a talent show that first aired in 2003 on American television channels in which Ralphie May secured the second position. After his big win he was taken aboard by numerous comedic shows, allowing his performances on those shows. These shows included The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Wayne Brady Show. These two shows are talks shows that were able to won five Daytime Emmy Awards being extremely popular in their times. In the year 2005, Ralphie May got a part in The Big Black Comedy show in which he was the only white male performing. The show featured some other comedy legends such as Rodman, Mo’Nique and Vince Morris. From this onwards started Ralphie May’s journey of fame, and if you want to laugh to the humorous jokes of this comedian what you can do is get yourself Ralphie May tickets today!
The comedian is known for his roles in numerous movies and film feature presentations. His very first one was in the year 2002 in “For da love of money”. From then onwards he appeared a total of nine films from the year 2003 till 2011 some of which were “Prime cut”, “Just correct”, “Too big to ignore” and “Bangin’ with Ralphie May”. His film professional comedic album was released in the year 2005 called “Just correct”. He has released a total of four comedic albums in the year 2006, 2007 and 2008 which go by the title of “Girth of a nation”, “Prime cut” and “Austin-tatious” respectively. You can also listen to some of the all time famous humor performances by this comedian in his upcoming live show, if you get your hands on Ralphie May tickets as soon as possible. 

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