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The famous American actor, comedian and television director, Bobcat Goldthwait has become a household name for nearly all comedy lovers as he is taking the Brooklyn based Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait stand-up festival to different Northeast cities across US. According to the Punchline Magazine: “This is always a great way to see some of the best comics in the world be funny and have a blast in a laid back atmosphere.” Bobcat always has something crazy to say, so if you want to get some good belly laughs, then Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait comedy show is the right event for you. The good news is that you do not have to pay a heavy price for these good scoops of laughter because cheap Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait tickets are also available for sale.

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About Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait

The Pretty Good Friends comedy show is produced by the brilliant comedian and writer, Eugene Boris Mirman who also brings other brilliant comedians to the event. Some of the guest artists who have performed at the show in the past include John Oliver, David Cross, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, Tom Allen, Kumail Nanjiani, and Reggie Watts. They entertain the audience by sharing their funny stories, bizarre musical divergences and fake mustaches. The fellows hardly seem to hail from the same planet. Allen is a refined British fellow, Nanjiani is a former Muslim Pakistani, Mirman has a Russian Jewish descent while Watts is a homeless African American.  Reggie Watts is an enigma wrapped in awesome spine-tingling beats that would keep you entertained from beginning till the end.

The distinctively unique appearances and varied comedy styles add spice to the Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait comedy show. You will laugh until you cry because Bobcat Goldthwait is wildly hilarious. The atmosphere is fun and the air is filled with glees and grins from everywhere. The comedians kick off the comedy night by discussing their hilarious life in Brooklyn where men try to shove pigeons into their pants. Watts has an amazingly unique style of comedy; he is far more focused on delivery than on the words he intends to say. He begins by walking around the stage and adjusting microphones in weird positions and then ramble ridiculous stories with intentional mispronunciations and bizarre accents. The coolest part of his performance, however, is the use of loop and distortion pedals to do the Thom Yorke impression.

The New York Magazine calls the event as the New York’s Best Indie Comedy Night that is hosted at the Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Mirmin is the main headliner of the show who was born in Russia but migrated to US along with his family when he was only four. He has got a rich background in comedy as he has appeared on several leading festivals of the world including U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Mirman premiered his stand-up career by releasing an album, The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman on Suicide Squeeze Records. The A.V. Club and Time Out New York have ranked it as one of the best albums of 2004.

The Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait show is worth every dime, so you do not need to give in a second thought before getting your hands on the Pretty Good Friends Bobcat Goldthwait tickets. It is hard to pick a dull moment in the entire show because the wildly funny headliners grab and hold your attention from start to finish. You would love the show because Bobcat Goldthwait drops amazingly outlandish jokes at the audience that you would have never heard before. Goldthwaite’s plane ride with a fire truck ending is absolutely entertaining, so do not forget to attend this comedy show. People leave the house with sore cheeks which they get from laughing so hard throughout the show.

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