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Owl City provides us with the perfect example of how internet has democratized the world of performing arts. The World Wide Web in general, and the recent advent of social media in particular, has allowed many an aspiring artists to resort to this medium. They use it to project their musical talents and broadcast sample recordings to the general public, while circumventing the traditional norms of the music business in general and the record companies in particular. A one man musical project, Owl City was started by Adam Young; a talented Minnesotan with little or no formal training in music, who uploaded his homemade recordings on the social networking site My Space, and never looked back. The rest is history!

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Unbelievable as it may sound, the City’s origin is rooted in Adam Young’s struggles with insomnia. With his sleep pattern totally randomized, Adam Young setup a crude home studio in the basement of his family home, where he would spend his evenings and nights dabbling with his computer and musical instruments. He found out that he could compose and produce some pretty original stuff with his low tech gear. Most of his material was recorded using basic keyboards and some creative computer based mixing and editing. As stroke of genius; Young uploaded his songs to Myspace. Slowly but surely he started building a fan following in the Myspace world.
As it works with most social media, new trends can go viral quite quickly. Such was the popularity or Young’s work that his Myspace page started receiving an enormous number of hits every day. Young was now an internet music star, and it would be up to him to play his cards right and replicate his success in the traditional musical market as well. His biggest hit on Myspace was the song Hello Seattle, and it allowed Young a sign a record deal with the company Universal Republic.
As a contracted artist Adam Young, formalized the band as the front end for his musical endeavors. The City’s debut album, Ocean Eyes was launched in 2009, and one of the singles on the album Fireflies became one biggest hit album of the year 2009. It would scale the charts not just in the United Stated but in many other countries making it a true international hit. Not many artists can boast of widespread international success with their debut efforts! The band immediately set out on their first national tour to support their album. Indeed, City’s initial tour would end up being a highly successfully one, contributing to the album sales which surpassed three million.
A much anticipated follow up to the first album came in the shape of a deluxe edition of the album the following year. However, on top of the original tracks, it included a bunch of bonus tracks that was essentially all fresh material. This was followed in quick succession by the re-release of a couple of alumna that Adam has released independently a few years back. Both the albums, Maybe I'm Dreaming and Of June were well received by the ever growing body of Owl City fans.
The next release from the prolific artist was the album, An Airplane Carried Me to Bed, in 2010. It also comprised of material that Adam had recorded before starting the band and mostly consisted of acoustic and minimally produced songs. In 2011, Adam Young alongside hit the studios to record a brand new set of songs, the first such collection since their debut effort back in 2009. The result was the album All Things Bright and Beautiful, which was not very warmly received by the critics or the fans. Undeterred by considerations of commercial success or the lack thereof, Adam continued with his creative endeavors. The next project to bear fruition was the album The Midsummer Station. Released in 2012, the album guest performances from the alternative rocker Matt Hoppus of Blink 182 along with other numbers won it great success.
Critics believe that it is still early days for Adam and his pet project and that his best and most creative years are still in front of him. They expect him to grow and expand his musical range with time. Great things are expected from Adam and the band in the future as it becomes a more seasoned act. Watch the live side of this outfit in full swing with Owl City tickets in hand. Some cheap Owl City tickets have also been made available as more affordable deals for this event. Purchase now to ensure your seat.