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A multi talented artist and a wonderful entertainer, Mike Epps is coming soon to the Gran Prairie to give away a smacking live performance! He is a stand-up comedian who also sings, raps, acts in movies, does voice-overs and hosts various events on and off. He is going to perform live in a very short while and people who haven't seen him yet on the stage should prepare themselves for the ultimate entertainment. His recent standup comedy special Under Rated & Never Faded is getting quite popular day by day. Many people prefer to watch him perform live rather than watching his recorded DVDs. This is indeed a fact because his shows are extremely hilarious and original. His style of talking and impersonating others is awesome. His level of perfection is far beyond your expectations. While performing live, he keeps on improvising and brings in various startling innovations that no one could ever think of. Missing his live show wouldn't be a good idea at all.

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Mike Epps is a true entertainer who does genuine comedy and could easily crack an audience of thousands with just one line. You'll be making the biggest mistake of your life by not coming to this massive event of the year. It'll surely be a memorable one for most of the attendees and the first timers. Be prepared for some real fun! Start spreading the vibe within your circle and grab your Mike Epps Grand Prairie Tickets as soon as you can!

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