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Michael Mittermeier is a standup comedian based in Dorfen, Germany. It is his English language shows that have helped him become a world renowned star. His strong wit and charm has been appreciated by people everywhere. To experience one of his shows in person, buy Michael Mittermeier Mannheim tickets today. Mittermeier was born in Upper Bavaria and spent much of his childhood there. Even while he was very young, he had a knack to entertain people. This is why he enrolled himself in theatre which only existed in the form of after school programs at the time. Still, he committed himself to his passion, and while other children his age concentrated on school, he made an effort to balance the two.

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In 1996, he managed to get his own television show, “Zapped.” Its popularity led to his very first live tour. After that, he appeared in a series of television shows including “Back to Life”, “Safari”, “Achutung Baby” and “Paranoid.” He would also make and record parodies of US television shows and for a while, that became his trademark. Michael also tried his hand at writing for other comedy shows, and did particularly well in that field as well. More recently, he has started to perform more shows in English language. This has expanded his fan base a great deal. You can now buy the cheap Michael Mittermeier Mannheim tickets to enjoy the signature comedy act by the renowned artist.