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Maroon 5 re-emerged in 2001 as a band with the unusual fusion of R&B, rock and soul. The five member alternative rock band comprises of vocalist and guitarist Adam Levine, bass guitarist Mickey Madden, drummer Matt Flynn, keyboardist Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine. The group was initially known as Kara's Flowers, when it was formed in 1994 by high-school friends Ryan Dusick, Levine and Madden. Like all aspiring bands, they too started playing gigs at nightclubs and parties. Their talent got recognized by a famous record label and soon they began working on their debut album. Kara's Flowers didn't do as well as expected and their album, “The Fourth World” failed to impress the audiences. Followed by that, two of the band members went away to college to pursue their education. The time away and change proved to be good for them as they were exposed to different kinds of music and found their calling in hip-hop and R&B music.

About Maroon 5

After dropping the name Kara's Flowers, the band once again set out to prove their worth, this time as Maroon 5. Though talented, the members had to struggle for almost a year before signing with Octone Records. The band was greatly inspired by Stevie Wonder's music and his influence changed their singing style altogether. They began composing music with renewed energy and blended different styles to produce fresh sound. In 2002 Maroon 5 came up with their album, “Songs About Jane”. It fared well the audiences and two of its songs became international hits. “This Love” and “She Will be Loved” became chart toppers worldwide and also earned the band critical acclaim. The powerful vocals by Levine along with smooth rhythmic beats and funky melodies have made it a successful album. Maroon 5 created a musically diverse album and have effectively infused various genres. The soulful music has supported the intimate lyrics well. After the release, Maroon 5 went on tours and during that period released two live albums. “1.22.03.Acoustic” and “Live – Friday the 13th” includes the remix version of all their tracks as well as exclusive improvisations. Both did really well at the Billboard Charts and showed the band's progression. The track, “This Love” earned them their first Grammy in the best song category.

After being on the road for almost five years, the sensational artists produced their third studio album in 2007. “It Won't Be Soon Before Long” is a classic pop-rock album that has a dark edge to it. The experience that they earned by being on the road and through their live performances is clearly evident in their songs. Maroon 5 brought with them great maturity and the variation in styles is quite commendable. The album includes everything from ballads to pop music to up-tempo songs. All these factors allowed it to debut on the Billboard Charts at the number one position. The album got multiple Grammy nominations and the track, “Makes me Wonder” even won the Best Pop Performance By A Group award.

2010 saw the release of the album, “Hand All Over”. Maroon 5 once again showcased their talent and versatility. This time they dipped into country music and their track, “Out of Goodbyes” became a huge hit. While the compositions have surpassed all previous ones, the lyrics remain the highlight of the album. Not only are the words penned beautifully, but they are also meaningful and different from regular hip-hop lyrics. The lead single “Misery” stirred the pop music lovers and its catchy chorus and funky guitar hook has made it one of the most played songs. The other popular tracks include, “Stutter”, “Give A Little More” and “Hand All Over”. The rocking numbers have helped the album reach the top ten on the music charts. Over the years, Cheap Maroon 5 Tickets have earned themselves a huge fan-base. The band enjoys performing on tours and it gives them great pleasure when the crowd sings along with them during their live shows. Their recent concerts have witnessed a sold-out crowd and the ambience is simply mesmerizing. When the band performs their hit songs, the crowd goes wild and the arena comes alive. If you want to catch the rock-stars in live action, then get your Maroon 5 Tickets now! Their up-melodies and powerful lyrics will show you the time of your life.


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