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Louis C.K is genuinely funny and his soft accent is much noticeable. Those of you who need some comedy shows where stupid accents and made-up wild stories don’t force you to laugh then Louis C.K. Tickets are what you want. His normal day to day stories and interaction with the live audiences is particularly funny and quite natural. You should start exercising your jaws from now because you actually going to laugh from all your heart and do it for quite long after the show. Racial discrimination has always been part of humor in America, but when Louis C.K. does it, the whole sympathy inducing concept changes to bubble bash of loud giggles.

About Louis Ck Tickets

Louis Szekely aka Louis C.K. discovered his multiple talents in Newton where he lived with his single mother. His mother, a Harvard qualified software engineer, is his very reason to become a media man, he wanted the television shows and film to be better so that her mother would enjoy it more. Szekely worked part time as an auto mechanic when he was in high school, his first somewhat formal performance was a gig of 2 min at an open mic in a comedy club and in next 2 years Szekely was hosting shows at comedy clubs. Louis obviously has acting talents, he is also a producer, editor and a director and he has this flaming flair for writing. Currently he is doing the comedy series Louie on FX and busy with much demanding live comedy shows which might make your day too.

Szekely has written several books on different topics that mostly encompass the everyday life. His expression on interaction with people is like a string of very creative ideas which we find familiar only when he mentions them. It is really a great experience to listen to him speak in his mind. Sexuality is his other favorite topic and a chunk of it is included in most of his gigs. It is hilarious to listen to a straight guy mentioning details of his contained sexual expeditions. He is honest and blunt; you will laugh with him on the things that you have cried at before. Women especially love him and are the loudest and liveliest of all the audiences. It is perhaps because men hardly mention that they know how women feel in certain situations and what their take is.

As of 2010, Szekely has written the script of several comedy shows and has won an Emmy Award for it His scripts and screenplays include: The Dana Carvey Show, I Think I love My Wife, Late Show with David Letterman, Chris Rock Show, Pootie Tang, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Chewed Up and Chris Rock Down to Earth. Szekely is inspired from the work of Brendon Small, Patton Oswalt and Dane Cook. He has laid his film making expertise on several short film and comedy sketches. His famous movies as director are: Tomorrow Night and Pooti Tang. Szekely’s acting career includes: The Invention of lying, Parks and Recreations, Role Models, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Lucky Louie and Diminished Capacity. But his true self oozes out during his live shows, no wonder he is so wanted.

Szekely is fonder of live shows and this is what he does more often, as a matter of fact if you intend to have a little better idea of his talents then there is no better way than watching him live. Out of the countless live show he has done, One Night Stand, Lopez Tonight, Late shows with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno are some of those we have enjoyed the most on television. His activities are much followed online and now with his channel available at YouTube, Szekely is becoming more famous worldwide. Those of you who can get a chance to watch him live should not miss this chance. We have Louis C.K. Tickets available here. Treat yourself with the luxury of some healthy laughter. Book your tickets ASAP or you can just watch them online and remain deprived of its true essence.

The Emmy award winning standup comedian, Louis C.K, is coming to Palace theatre for a live show! He’s a multi talented artist who is an actor, writer and director as well. He has been doing awesome comedy shows for the past 25 years. He may be above 40, but his level of energy is still great. His observational humor is quite popular among the fans. The way he spontaneously makes up jokes and punches makes him a perfect comedian. He spent half of his life making people laugh and is still planning to do the same.  All of this is because of the level of respect and appreciation that he has received in the previous years. This man is one in a billion out there. No one can stop laughing once he gets on the stage. If you can easily reach Palace Theatre, you must not miss this one.
He has performed in many notable shows such as, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a lot more. The award winning comedian is going to make your day for sure. The show is going to rock like it always does. Bringing along a couple of friends would be a nice idea. The ultimate entertainment is just a few tickets away from you. Louis is all set to blow your minds with something new and different this time. He’s waiting for you! Get your Louis C.k. Palace Theatre Tickets as soon as possible!

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