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One of the most sought after comedy tours, Loco Comedy Jam has entertained audiences for almost a decade. The live comedy tour has fascinated and enthralled millions around the world by featuring some of the country’s top comedians and performers. Audiences do not only enjoy the shows on stage but also at home. The Loco Comedy Jam has been broadcasted on several channels throughout the country since its premiere on mun2 television channel. The shows have starred a majority of Anglo and African American artists who have enjoyed immense success by displaying their comic skills and talent. Since its inception in 2002, the live tour has managed to sell millions of cheap Loco Comedy Jam tickets. The popular and established comedian Mike Robles hosts the shows that continue to allure masses from across the country and overseas locations. The comedy jam has featured several renowned and highly accomplished comedians over the years, including Joey Medina and George Lopez. By acquiring Loco Comedy Jam tickets the audience can make sure to hop on a fun filled ride for a laughing hysteria along with some of the most notable comedians of the country.

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About Loco Comedy Jam

The Loco Comedy Jam tour started in 2002. The comedy show was initiated by the television channel mun2. The channel was a joint venture of NBC Cable Network and Telemundo. The channel was aimed at providing an alternative entertainment network for the Latino youth in the US. The Loco Comedy Jam offered a new genre of bilingual comedy. The one-hour comedy show featured English-speaking comedians with a Latino descent to offer a peep into the idiosyncrasies of Latino culture. Since then the TV shows and live tours have managed to spark a revolution in the comedy circuit, attracting not only the Latino youth but also people from all walks of life who thoroughly enjoy the parodies and cultural elements exploited by the comedians on the show. The live shows have also been recorded and released on DVD and CDs as “Loco Comedy Jam Vol. 1” and “Loco Comedy Jam Volume 2” that have sold like hot cakes all over the world. Cheap Loco Comedy Jam tickets are always a catch for the fans who try not to miss any live show. The Loco Comedy Jam tickets allow audience to catch the celebrated touring production for an unforgettable experience.
The host of the live comedy tour, Mike Robles has garnered wide acclaim for himself over the years. The comedy sensation has won numerous praises and accolades throughout his career. The performer has been voted as “one of the top Latino stand-up comedians in the country.” Robles is highly regarded for his work as a host on the shows “Que Locos” and “Video Mix” for the Galavison network. After working for five years at TWA’s customer relation department, the artist decided to quit and join the comedy circuit. Robles managed to woo the audience at every major comedy clubs and colleges in the country. In 1990, Robles landed on TV as host of the famous comedy show, “Comedy Picante” on Galavsion. Since then the talented and gifted comedian has hosted numerous comedy shows and live tours including “Comedy Rhumbia,” “Comedy Rhumbia Live” and “Que Locos tour” amongst other. He released his debut comedy CD “Totally Uncensored.” The entertainer has received several awards over the years including Emmy Award for his work. The Loco Comedy Jam has allowed Robles’s fans to catch the comedian deliver humorous punch lines and comic skills. By obtaining Loco Comedy jam tickets, the audience can witness the top Latino comedian of the country live in action.
Loco Comedy Jam has become one of the country’s most renowned comedy tours. The live shows attract Latino as well as other communities who laugh their hearts out while witnessing the talented Latino comedians. The show offers ample observational comedy where the performers highlight the comical elements present between the diverse cultures and communities in the country. Fans eagerly pursue cheap Loco Comedy Jam tickets in order to witness their favorite comedians and performers. Witnessing the Loco Comedy Jam live is a riveting experience for all. By grabbing Loco Comedy Jam tickets people can make sure to enjoy a mesmerizing show along with family and friends.

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