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Legends of Boston Comedy is a spectacular event taking place in Boston that features some of the biggest names in the world of comedy. Organized by Laugh Boston and the Citi Performing Arts Center, it is set to take place at the Citi Shubert Theatre. It will feature legendary comedy superstars including Lenny Clarke, The Undisputed King of Boston Comedy, Steve Sweeney, The Godfather of Boston Comedy, Don Gavin and Tony V, hometown favorite. These four comedians will play host to a sensational comedy experience, best seen up front via Legends of Boston Comedy tickets.

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About Legends of Boston Comedy

Legends of Boston Comedy features comedians who have single handedly brought in an era of golden comedy in Boston. Regarded today as icons, each has fans of all ages. They entertain audiences with their jokes which are some of the most hilarious ever heard. Bundle that with a powerful stage presence and genuine Boston accents and you have a show that is already one of the most anticipated and most talked about today in this great Massachusetts city.
Lenny Clarke, one of the comedians performing at the Legends of Boston Comedy show, is from Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is also an actor, best known for playing the role of Uncle Teddy on Rescue Me, a TV series. He rose to fame during the eighties as the most famous saloon comic, often performing with other famous Boston comedians, including Denis Leary and Steven Wright. During the eighties, he also launched Lenny Clarke’s Late Show, which also featured Dennis Leary and Steven Wright, and was produced in collaboration with Martin Olson, a famous comedy writer from Boston. He has been featured in the When Standup Stood Out documentary, with his apartment, dubbed The Barracks, a famous hangout for Boston comedians and comedians visiting Boston. Many have grabbed cheap Legends of Boston Comedy tickets simply to see him perform live on stage.
He has also starred in his own TV series, Lenny, during the nineties and has also starred in such shows as Southie, Monument Ave., It’s All Relative, Fever Pitch, Contest Searchlight, The John Larroquette Show and The Job. In 2006, he began playing the role of Uncle Teddy on the famous comedy Rescue Me, which aired on FX network from 2004 to 2011. In 2007, he played the role of Ron Abbot in The Winner, a comedy series that aired on the Fox network. He also regularly appears on radio shows in Boston radio station, including WEEI. In 2009, he landed a role in Brothers, which aired on Fox, and then played the role of the father of the main character in Are You There, Chelsea?, which aired on NBC. He has also appeared on ESPN several times, commenting on the Boston Red Sox.
Steve Sweeney is an American standup comedian and actor who has been active since the seventies. From Charlestown, Massachusetts, he is best known for his combination of observational comedy and satire and is known for roles on Park Street Under, amongst many others. He has headlined all over the US, at many of the greatest venues, including New York City’s famous Caroline’s Comedy Club. With a University of Massachusetts Boston BA in Theatre Arts and a University of Southern California MFA, he began performing during the seventies at a comedy club founded by Barry Crimmmins and Martin Olson at the back of Chinese restaurant Ding–Ho near Inman Square.
Many legendary Boston comedians performed at this club, including then unknown stars such as Lenny Clarke, Jay Leno, Kevin Meaney, Bobcat Goldthwait, Steven Wright and Bill Sohonage. He became the first of this group to land a role on TV, in the famous Park Street Under sitcom. He would go on to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman, Comics Come Home and Evening at The Improv. He has also played roles in movies such as Back to School by Rodney Dangerfield, Celtic Pride by Judd Apatow and There’s Something About Mary alongside Ben Stiller. He is a comedian to see live via Legends of Boston Comedy tickets with other Boston greats at this superb event.

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