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Lavell Crawford Mount Airy Casino Resort Mount Pocono Friday
12/8/2017 8:00 PM

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About Lavell Crawford

Over the centuries man has evolved art into many forms other than mosaics and sculptures. Comedy is one form of art that has amassed numerous folk for hundreds of generations. In our day and age, mass media has evolved to levels not quite foreseen by many geniuses; with the world becoming a global village with the passage of time, many talents across many seas touch people’s hearts. America gave the world an amazing artist and performer by the name of Lavell Crawford. He has no resemblance nor is related to the most popular super model either, but he does something else that attracts millions. He is a stand-up comedian from St Louis in Missouri and has been entertaining us for the past several years.


Back in the early seventies, Lavell Crawford had anything but a normal childhood. Right from the onset, our favorite comedian had a problem with his weight. He was bullied by his peers on many levels during his early life but that was hardly a serious issue for this jolly person. Just a little over the age of ten, Lavell nearly lost his life in an accident at a lake near his hometown. This ordeal changed him in many ways. To this day he remembers that harrowing incident in which he nearly drowned. An even bigger shock was that of seeing his father abandon him and his family at the tender age of twelve. Many other kids under the same circumstances would have dropped out of school very early, but Lavell went on to graduate from Pattonville Senior high in the mid eighties.


Lavell Crawford always had a flare for making others laugh. The one trait which remains constant in his life according to friends and family members, is his ability to bring joy to all those around him. One day, while at a farewell party, friends cheered him on to do an impression of a famous actor, the act was hilarious enough for Lavell to think on the lines of turning his talent and gift into a career. The very first time that Lavell managed to earn money from his ability to make people laugh was in the early nineties when he got a break at a local comedy club in the city of Belleville. The crowd loved his act so much that he had to do a triple take and by the time he was leaving for home that night, the club’s owner gave him a huge tip; this ensured his return to the club during the following week. Like a snowball gaining momentum on its descent from a high slope, Lavell’s career was gathering attention. He got invites to parties and theatres, crowds would amass to see him perform and sure enough, Hollywood was just around the corner.


Lavell Crawford is most famous for his take on himself. Being a man with a large build and an African-American, it is anybody’s guess at how hilarious he gets with his simple one-liners. Lines like “My waist line makes the equator look like it’s on drugs” would make the hardest straight faces giggle. He credits his mom for giving him varied perspectives on how to look at things in life. While being constantly reminded by her that he outgrows his clothes too fast for her to afford new ones, she would insist that he finish every last morsel of food on his platter before leaving the dining table. His physicians however give a clean slate in terms of his health and he has been on a steady diet for many years now.


Performing for well over twenty five years now, Lavell Crawford has performed in front of sellout crowds. Show’s like the famous Laffapalooza made sure that his much deserved wise to fame would be instant. Today he is already a comedian par excellence. More fame was to follow after the turn of the millennium when NBC introduced a new show called “Last Comic Standing”. Fans have loved him and the media took him across continents where his fan-base boomed even further. At the moment Lavell is working with fellow comedian Ralphie May on a new show called the “Brother from another mother”.


Based on the very impressive resume of this comedic icon, it is almost certain that the fans will love their favorite performer on TV. Whenever you find yourself in the mood for some laughs with friends and loved ones, do not forget to grab hold of some Lavell Crawford tickets and treat yourselves to a hilarious show.

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