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Born on the 3rd of July 1980, Kevin Hart has worked his way to become a part of the list of highest paid comedians in the world today. Born and raised in the largest city of the State of Pennsylvania by his single mother, the talented artist was a shoe salesman before he ventured into performing amiable skits as a side act in small comedy clubs. Enthralling the audiences with his unique interpretation of comedy, Kevin soon caught the attention of mainstream entertainment industry. He was then signed on for jesting roles in several prominent studio productions including “Scary Movie 3” and “Epic Movie”.

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Once an ordinary shoe salesman, Kevin Hart has paved his way through small clubs and side acts in movies to having completely sold out arenas for his sole productions. The comedian has largely been a part of several films, commercials and music videos over the years. One of his most recent movies, “Think Like a man” has claimed to have grossed over seven times its investment capital. Become a part of the long lasting shrugs of laughter by getting your hands on the cheap Kevin Hart Phoenix tickets.
Kevin Hart is well-known for his inviting stand-up productions which include the “Laugh at my Pain” tour which made over 15 million US dollars. The artist even went on to break the seemingly impregnable record of most ticket sales for a standup comedy show set by Eddie Murphy. Witness the prodigious comedian live by purchasing your set of Kevin Hart Phoenix tickets today.

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