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Stand up comedy is something that has never lost its charm. Where the profession was dominated primarily by men, there are many women who have also taken the task of entertaining their audiences with their wit and humor. With an increasing number of women choosing to be comediennes, comedy as a whole has become much more diverse in nature. Female comedians also have an added advantage over their male counter parts because they are not just funny but have a charm that attracts many. Chicago born Kathy Griffin is one such entertainer who has mastered the art of comedy and acting over the years. Grammy Award winner, American actress, a stand up comedian and an advocate of the rights of the LGBT’s, Griffin is a versatile performer best known for the four years that she played a supporting role as Vickie Groener along side Brooke Shields on "Suddenly Susan", a sitcom on NBC. Kathy gained popularity after she moved to Los Angeles and joined the troupe famous for their comic improvisations, The Groundlings. Starring in many shows as a guests and with the various guest starring roles in series including "ER" and "Seinfeld", Kathy soon became a manifestation of comedy that got her into hosting her own half an hour comedy special titled "HBO Half Hour Comedy Special".

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After the half hour show gained popularity Kathy had her own one hour show on HBO, "A Hot Cup of Talk". Once in the spot light, Kathy never looked back and went on pursuing a variety of career roles. From a show host on HBO to providing her voice to "The Simpsons" and "Dilbert", Kathy has had smooth sailing all over. Kathy is also known for her red carpet commentaries adding up to her numerous career pursuits. Kathy has also co-hosted "The Billboard Music Awards" for a consistent three years. She gained new heights of success and recognition by appearing on the well known talk shows such as "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "The View" and "Late Night with David Letterman". Her next step upwards was when she got to star in films such as "Four Rooms" and "It’s Pat to name a few. With her great passion for reality shows Kathy took part in the ABC’s "Celebrity Mole", a reality show that she also won. Surprisingly enough when she stepped into reality shows she excelled in that too and soon landed on to her own series on MTV called "The Kathy’s So-Called Reality" and an "An Average Joe" on NBC. With her remarkable contributions as a multi talented star Griffin also got Grammy nominations for the Best Comedy Album, consecutively for the year 2008 and 2009.

Her comedy style is based on making fun of her own dating relationships, mocking other celebrities and coming out with truthful observations of the daily  life but most of her current performances focus primarily on making celebrity stories sound funny. Some of her favorite and frequent celebrity related topics are cosmetic surgery, celebrity eating habits, their drunkenness, their stuck-up attitude and stories of celebrities whose sexual orientation is disputed. The best thing about her humor is that she is not even afraid to make her own self a subject of humor during her performances. Besides her self some of celebrities that become the object of Griffin’s comedy are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow and the list goes on to include many other stars. Owing to her bold style of comedy, Kathy Griffin also had to face many controversies but with all said and done there was never a doubt in her being a great talent. What makes her more exciting is that she is not afraid to bring out real life problems through her comedy. With her sweeping success in various roles, the multi faceted star has always been admired for her live performances. If you are looking to join the crazy ride of comedy with Kathy Griffin then you are at the right place. Choose from the wide range of Kathy Griffin Tickets and get ready to unwind.The Multifaceted artist, Kathy Griffin is now coming to your city to offer unlimited fun and excitement.

She is an Emmy award winning star known for her exceptional talent in various television programs. She has made a distinct place for herself with her comic timing and acting. She has also been an accomplished television producer and a voice recording artist. She has been noticed for her roles in sitcoms like Seinfeld and Suddenly Susan but her major act has been the reality show titled as Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Kathy has earned Emmy Awards for two years in a row in the category of Outstanding Reality show for her program called My life on the D list. She has made an appearance in a couple of Hollywood movies like Pulp Fiction, The Cable Guy, Dirty Love, Can’t Stop Dancing, Love Wrecked, Four Rooms and Bachelor Party Vegas. She has also lent her voice to Taran in Shrek Forever After. The standup comedy shows have been her forte with Celebrity gossip and pop culture being her favorite topics of discussion. She has been in the showbiz for more than three decades and has seen enough of the celebrity business to find humor in it. Her major influences in comedy have been Joan Rivers, Don Rickles and Johnny Carson.  Her humor comes across as wicked with no nastiness associated to it. To be at her stand-up comedy show in Pechanga, get your cheap Kathy Griffin tickets now!

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