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Famous as Dr. Dirty, the musician and comedian John Valby is coming to Warren Michigan with another exciting show full of comedic entertainment and original talent. Buy John Valby Warren tickets and enjoy the performance that will make you laugh hard. John Valby is exceptionally talented and innovative entertainer who uses his old-fashioned piano and creates hilarious and obscene parodies of classic songs. His shows mainly focus on racial and sex slurs with a mix of social and current affairs with his popular songs, classical arrangements, limericks and original creations. He is described as a blend of Allen Sherman, Lenny Bruce, Spike Jones and Al Yankovi and dirt of Redd Fox.

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About John Valby Warren Tickets

The man, who is mostly seen in black derby hat and classic white tailcoat, has recorded and produced several pop and rock albums for himself and others.  He has recorded over 30 CDs and LPs and has worked on a multi-era Rock n Roll CD by Krakup Quartet. He has also worked on some new age music and a children’s album. He also had a small role as a piano player in a film Losin’ It in 1983.
John Valby has a unique style of entertaining audiences that attract a huge crowd to his shows. He smiles with them, laughs with them, jokes with them and make them laugh and he does this with natural ease and finesse. His performance status remains legendary at college campuses throughout the country. Buy cheap John Valby Warren tickets and get ready to laugh out loud at the musical comedy and dirty entertainment show.