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Joan Rivers is an actress and comedian from Brooklyn, New York. As a media personality, she has tried her hand at every art form, be it directing or producing, and even writing. Over the years, she has come to be known for her signature style which consists of a thick New York accent, a raspy voice and for her cosmetically altering facial surgeries. Even at 79 years of age, she has not stopped performing as a standup comedian. Joan Rivers Turlock tickets have already gone on sale for her next series of shows. Her style of comedy is self deprecating where she openly makes fun of herself, but also does not spare other Hollywood artists in her routines. Her shows are  entertaining and a treat to watch.

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Rivers was born and raised in Brooklyn and thus everything from her mannerisms to her references is epitomic of her heritage. Although she went to college and earned a degree in anthropology, she wanted to make a career in showbiz. She has openly talked of how she got her first surgery so that she could progress in Hollywood, which was only welcoming to girls who looked a certain way. After that, she did a lot of work in television, taking up roles which were considered risqué for her time. But her loud and bold attitude helped her propel forwards. With a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” star to her credit, she is now considered one of the most recognizable personalities in media.