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A well known name in showbiz, Jim Belushi has gained fame for his acting, singing and comedy talent. In a career spanning over three decades he has played a variety of characters. Out of them all he has won most acclaim for his comic roles. Jim Belushi Lincoln tickets are available to see his live standup comedy act.

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The artist hails from Chicago. Showing an early interest in performing arts he was part of the choir and drama club in school. Later he studied Speech and Theater Arts at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Jim Belushi started his showbiz career starring in theatre productions. Starting with a role in the sitcom Who's Watching the Kids, Belushi has also appeared in various television programs. Most notable of these has been the family sitcom According to Jim. The highly successful Emmy Award nominated production has been shown in more than forty five countries.
Now there is a chance to see the star live at the Jim Belushi Lincoln stage performance. He has also appeared in several films. These include About Last Night which saw him working along with Demi Moore. Worth mentioning is the Christmas comedy Jingle All The Way, in which Belushi starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. The artist has won acclaim for his impersonation of celebrities like Hulk Hogan, Joan Collins, Babe Ruth, Rosemary Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some cheap Jim Belushi Lincoln tickets are available to see him deliver yet another hilarious comedy performance.