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To millions of fans over the world, he is just Jim. Mention his name to anyone and more often than not they will crack a smile and recall their favorite episode from the sitcom According to Jim. If you too are grinning right now, then you know we are talking about the one and only Jim Belushi. And if that was not enough, you now have the opportunity to see him live on stage. All you have to do is to buy Jim Belushi Huntington tickets.

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About Jim Belushi Huntington Tickets

This talented actor comes from a family of well known actors. His elder brother John was a huge star before his sudden and untimely death. However, Jim carried on the legacy and rose to great heights of success. To those who knew him from before, it was no surprise. Jim always had the knack for finding people’s funny bones and making them laugh. This great actor was born on the 15th of June in 1954 to Albanian parents. He grew up along with his three siblings in the suburbs of Chicago.  He graduated in Speech and Theatre Arts from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.
Ever since that day, he has never looked back. From his early days in the cast of Saturday Night Live to his appearance as the lovable title character in According to Jim, his fan base continues to expand by leaps and bounds. You too will become a fan if you are not one already. Just buy cheap Jim Belushi Huntington tickets and you will come back delighted.