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This summer get ready for a hearty laugh with Jim Belushi at the Lied Center for Performing Arts by getting some Jim Belushi the Chicago Board of Comedy Lincoln tickets. Jim is a famous stand-up comedian who has been entertaining the masses for more than thirty years now. On his upcoming tour, he will be making a stop at Lincoln for an incredible live show where few other guest comedians from the Chicago Board of Improv Comedy will also accompany him. Apart from Jim’s works as a stand-up comedian, he is also a favorite film actor and television star. His association with The Second City, Chicago’s famous theatrical group, is also notable. Jim has starred in many popular TV series including Saturday Night Live, Total Security, The Defenders and many others.

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However, his best known role to this date is that of Jim, which he played in “According to Jim.” It was a hit sitcom which was first aired on ABC in 2001 and ran for a total of eight seasons consisting of 182 episodes. With this upcoming show at Lied, Jim is bringing an entirely new experience for the city of Lincoln in the form of a brilliantly sketched comedy show featuring a group of some great performers from the Chicago Board of Improv Comedy. Among these world renowned comedians include the classically trained improvisers Megan Grano, Robert Belushi, Brad Morris, Jon Barinholtz and other prodigious comedians whose lively comedy never fails to entertain their audiences. If you are a fan and do not want to miss out on catching their act live, get your seat booked without any delay.