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Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most celebrated comedians in the US. He began his career in the ‘70s and his fame skyrocketed over the decades. By the time his popular sitcom Seinfeld finished its second season, he had become one of the best-selling standup comedians in the world.

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The sitcom aired on the NBC television network in ’89 and ran for nine seasons, garnering major awards and critical acclaim. His semi-fictional portrayal of himself was highly praised along with his witty comedic style. The hit sitcom is heralded as Jerry Seinfeld’s biggest commercial and artistic achievement. It has become an icon of US television for the ‘90s.


Seinfeld cites legendary comedians Abbott and Costello, George Carlin and Jay Leno as some of his biggest influences. He started his career by making various appearances on television shows such as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. His comedic material centers on observational jabs at personal relationship struggles, awkward social obligations, unnecessary commercials, useless everyday products and American social stereotypes among others. His style has ventured into blue collar comedy, ribaldry, political comedy and black humor. His forte however remains observational humor based on the various rich cultures found among the different states of America.


Jerry Seinfeld is now out on another nationwide tour. The tour is bringing him to Madison, Wisconsin for a performance at the Overture Center for the Arts. So grab Jerry Seinfeld Madison tickets and enjoy a good hearty laugh at his show with your family and friends.