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Get ready to have your funny bones tickled as one of the funniest comedians entertains you with his unique observations on life. If you are a fan of the iconic show ‘Seinfeld’ then this is the opportunity for you. Now you can meet the genius behind the show that was about ‘nothing.’ Celebrated for his on-the-spot observations and his hilarious takes on idiosyncratic behavior, Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian par excellence.

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About Jerry Seinfeld Helena Tickets

New York Native

Jerry Seinfeld grew up in a multi-cultural household in New York. His father was a Jew whereas his mother belonged to Syria. From a young age, Jerry realized he could relate and communicate with people from various ethnicities. In order to pursue a career in this, he graduated from the Queens College with concentrations in theater and communication.

Found his true calling from an early age

Jerry Seinfeld found his true calling by accident. At a chance open mic night, Jerry found that he could make people laugh with his apt and humorous observations. This knowledge in 1976 made him decide to pursue a career in comedy.

Early Roles

At the beginning of his career, like any other struggling actor, Jerry found only small roles. One such role was that of the mail delivery character, Frankie in the sitcom ‘Benson’ that aired in 1979.

Unique brand of comedy

The uniqueness of Seinfeld’s comedy is attributed to his acute sense of observation and how he voices social norms and habits in humorous manners. Based on his life-long career in the field of entertainment, Jerry was honored by Comedy Central in 2005 and placed on the list of greatest comedians at number 12. Now you can listen to all his humorous and insightful observations. All you have to do is buy Jerry Seinfeld Helena tickets before they sell out.