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Jerome Seinfeld or as he is more popularly known, Jerry Seinfeld, is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer. He came into the limelight with a TV sitcom in which he took a role which was partially what he is in real life. His comedy show ‘Seinfeld’ ran from 1989 to 1998 after which Seinfeld took up standup comedy as a career. It is unusual for an actor with a famous sitcom to pursue standup comedy, as they usually end up acting in movies or other TV shows. However, Seinfeld chose this field and today he is America's highest paid standup comedian. What is unique about Seinfeld's comedy is that he doesn't make racism or any other controversial topics the subject of his comedy, which is what most standup comedians tend to do. Jerry Seinfeld writes clean jokes and still manages to entertain audiences, which count in thousands, better than most.

About Jerry Seinfeld Austin Tickets Tickets

The year 2010 saw Seinfeld making appearances on TV, producing as well as directing. In 2011 Jerry Seinfeld will be touring across America with his standup acts. This is the chance to watch him crack jokes about life in general. Seinfeld has the ability to make even the tiniest things in life look funny as hell. Austin will be welcoming Seinfeld and this is your chance to see the legend live. Get your Jerry Seinfeld Austin Tickets online and guarantee yourself a night that you won't forget any time soon.

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