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Jerry Seinfeld defined the comedic zeitgeist of the 1990s. His show ‘Seinfeld’ was one of the highest rated television series of its time and after going off air in 1998, has been in constant syndication on networks across the world. Claim some cheap Jerry Seinfeld Anchorage tickets to catch this cheeky voiced comedian regale you with his happy-go-lucky humor.

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Born to Jewish parents of Austrian and Syrian descent, Jerry spent most his life in the 'Empire State.' The seeds for Jerry's future career in standup were sown during his college years by appearing in various productions as well as a spot on Catch a Rising Star's open-mic night and then sprouted via his stints on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman during the eighties. After the decade long run of Seinfeld, Jerry could have embarked on the Hollywood highway but chose to return to his first love, that of standup. Hence the Jerry Seinfeld Anchorage performance will be embellished with his comedic craft that he has honed whilst at the top of his game.
Over the years Jerry has rounded up a host of awards, most notably an Emmy for producing Seinfeld in 1993 and a Golden Globe for playing a fictional version of himself in the eponymous series as well as a trio of Screen Actors Guild Awards. He had already received a 'Lifetime Achievement' American Comedy Award back in 1988. Secure some Jerry Seinfeld Anchorage tickets for having this Porsche collecting comedian drive you to fits with his fast-paced routines.

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