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Jeff Dunham, the internationally acclaimed comedian and ventriloquist, is performing at the PNC Arena in North Carolina. His comic brilliance and talents have labeled him as one of the best-selling comedian of the time. So far he has sold over five million DVDs and an almost ten million dollars in merchandise sales. He is considered to be the top-grossing stand-up act in Europe and also in North America. Dunham is credited for reviving the lost art of ventriloquism.

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His interest developed early on at the age of eight when his parents gave him a dummy for present. Since then, he has performed wherever he could find an audience. This passion of his landed him in popular shows like The Tonight Show, Sonny With a Chance, Late Show with David Letterman and Comedy Central Presents among many others. As time progressed, he ran his own specials on Comedy Central bringing the largest number of viewers to the network.


Dunham is renowned for his team of different characters. All of these interact with him as though his real friends would. His characters vary from the beloved dead terrorist Achmed to the maniac and frenzied Peanuts. Then there is the NASCAR-loving Bubba J and the retired grumpy Walter who doesn’t give a damn about anything and so many other characters that leave you with laughing fits time and again. to enjoy hearty laughs with Jeff, grab Jeff Dunham Raleigh tickets and watch him perform in NC.