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Shaping the face of stand-up comedy today are the comedic styling and ventriloquism act of Jeff Dunham. Jeff has made a name for himself with his unique act and his genuinely funny material, particularly that which features his ventriloquist puppets. Having appeared on many shows such as Late Show with David Letterman, Star Search, Comedy Central Presents, Sonny with a Chance and The Tonight Show, Jeff is officially here to stay and only getting started. So much is this stand-ups rising fame that he has to date had his own three specials on Comedy Central, by the names of Arguing With Myself, Spark of Insanity, and Very Special Christmas Special. His style has been described as "a dressed-down, more digestible version of Don Rickles with multiple personality disorder" which reveals how much fun it will be to watch him live. Jeff is also being credited with revival of the fast fading art of ventriloquism in today’s age.

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Jeff Dunham is very unique in his act and will make you hold your sides as you laugh throughout the duration of one of his shows. His shows sell out months in advance and he is the highest grossing comedian in the U.S. His characters have become just as well known as he has himself, which include Walter, an aging Vietnam War veteran who is discontent with everything, Peanut, who is a purple skinned and very hyper-active "woozle", Jose, who is talking Jalapeno pepper on a stick, Bubba J, a beer guzzling redneck, Melvin the Super Hero Guy, and most famous of all, Achmed the dead Terrorist. We are offering the best deals on Jeff Dunham Chattanooga Tickets so book your tickets right away!

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