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We have all been given stitches by individual performances by standup comedians that have left us wanting for more. Well the Jackson Comedy Festival will cater to that very aching comedic need of yours by delivering two top notch comedians in one overflowing helping of high humor. D L Hughley has been throwing his funny fastballs for more than two decades and has amassed considerable accolades for his stints with the Def Comedy Jam brand, his own show 'The Hughleys' as well as roles on television series such as 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' and films such as Soul Plane and Scary Movie 3. Eddie Griffin needs no introduction. He has been associated with some of the funniest movies to hit the screens in the last two decades such as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Undercover Brother. So secure some Jackson Comedy Festival tickets to have these two heavyweights of humor knock you out with their jocular jabs.

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Whilst working as an aircraft maintenance worker in Delta Airlines, D L Hughley could hardly have imagined that one day he would be jet setting from place to place performing shows and hosting events. His big break came just shy of his 30th birthday in 1992 when he started hosting Comic View on BET. Towards the late 1990s and into the 2000s, he produced, wrote and played the lead role in his sitcom ‘The Hughleys’ and then in 2005 he came out with his standup comedy album titled ‘D.L. Hughley: Notes from the GED Section’. He had already garnered considerable mirthful mileage with him being one of ‘The Original Kings of Comedy’ along with the late Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey. The rest of the 2000s saw him appear on NBC's Scrubs as well as perform a lead role on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip alongside Mathew Perry. The Jackson Comedy Festival will see him setting his comedic court and becoming the jester himself to amuse his subjects.
Eddie Griffin has never shied away from speaking out about issues that he feels passionately about and his comedic craft has served him well in expressing his views laced with humorous hues. Even at school, Eddie was the official class clown, having been voted as such three years in a row. However, he didn't materialize his love for cracking jokes right away as his love for dancing was much stronger. Hence, he initially set up a dance studio and one of his regular gigs was choreographing the half-time shows of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team. However, his simmering brand of humor blew the top when, upon a dare by his cousin, he converted a 3-minute standup sprint at a Sanford and Sons' open-mike night into a 45-minute mirthful marathon. From then on, there was no looking back and Eddie Griffin hitched a one-way ride to Los Angeles to commence his comedic career.
From get go, Eddie Griffin started powering on like a laugh inducing locomotive engine and delivered one laudable performance after another. Starting with his stint on Def Comedy Jam and his 'One Night Stand' HBO television special in 1992, Eddie unrolled more HBO special such as Voodoo Child performed on the legendary stage of Apollo Theater. His comedy albums, Message in the Hat and The Message released in 1993 by Warner Brothers and 1997 by Sony respectively have become iconic. His roles in numerous movies and television series have won him widespread acclaim, such as his part in Malcolm and Eddie that clinched him a 'Best Actor' NAACP Image Award. This recognition translated into him landing roles alongside Orlando Jones and Denzel Washington in 2001's Double Take and 2002's John Q respectively as well as the lead in Undercover Brother the same year. Your cheap Jackson Comedy Festival tickets will expose you to his caustic comedy that will eat away at the mass conditioning and send you into fits of enlightened laughing. The Jackson Comedy Festival is gearing up to be an ideal opportunity to be raucously regaled by these two masterful funnymen, so secure some Jackson Comedy Festival tickets to get a full dose of insightful humor to last you for months on end.

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