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Attending live jazz performance of artists like Helge Schneider is something to not miss out on. After a number of successful tours last year, the upcoming concert of this popular German musician is due early this year. Recently the artist has had sold out Christmas shows on three consecutive days and with the buzz that surrounds his next performance it is expected that the tickets will be sold out very soon. With advance Helge Schneider tickets you can be sure to watch Schneider as he hits the stage to give one of his best performance in your city.

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About Helge Schneider

Born in the year 1955, Helge Schneider wears may crowns on his head. Hailing from the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr, he is an exceptionally talented person who has mastered several entertainment techniques over the course of his life. Mostly known for his jazz music and comedy, he has got a plethora of talents; he is a successful author, multi-instrumentalist, and film and theatre director. His creative works include an unusual blend of parody, horseplay humor and jazz marked by important elements of improvisation and spontaneity. His ingenuity and remarkable skills know no boundaries and are always making his audience wow. Impressing millions of people through his music and comedy, Schneider has got a fan following from all over the world.
When it comes to the jazz music, Schneider’s talent shines through for all to see. Unlike many multi-instrumentalists who can play a total of 3 or 4 instruments, Schneider can play over twelve instruments including both electric and acoustic guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, saxophones, clarinets and accordion among many others. He is a school dropout who studied piano from Duisburg conservatory. Starting his music venture as a stand-up comedian and jazz musician, he toured as a less known artist at first and performed at local clubs. It wasn’t until 1990s that his career kick-started and he became a famous comedian which he is till this day. Schneider has toured widely in past and still tours alone or with his bands; “The Firefuckers,” “Hardcore” and several others. You can catch his live performance, a fusion of music and comedy, in some major concert halls of your city. For that all you just need is to get some cheap Helge Schneider tickets. Schneider’s shows are never a disappointment.
Starting off his formal musical career, his first album “The Last Jazz” got out in 1987. “Katzeklolied” (Kitty Litter Box Song) is his most famous song which came out in 1994 and became number 1 song in the country. His second recording, a collection of his greatest hits, hit the stores in 1989. Schneider has produced almost twenty one albums so far. The latest being “Piranhas in der Badewanne” (Piranhas in the Bathtub) which was launched in 2009. His music has earned him RSH Gold and ECHO Award. 
As an author and director he made a great use of his talent in four movies which were written and directed by him.  He also starred in these low budget movies. Moreover, he performed and composed the music of various films which include some of his own films, too. In the satirical film of 2007, Mein Führer: The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler, he appeared in the role of Adolf Hitler. Among some of his own films include Jazzclub – Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm (Jazzclub – the early bird catches the worm), Texas – Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem (Texas – Doc Snyder takes the world's breath) and Stangenfieber (Stick fever).
Acknowledged for his startling on-stage persona, Schneider knows how to keep his audience captivated and stick to the performance. He keeps the air light and people laughing with his anarchic and unique comic techniques. You will never regret the money you spent on Helge Schneider tickets because his performances are always worth it. His slapstick humor will make your dullest evening an experience that you will not forget soon.

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