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“Hannibal Buress with Open Mike Eagle” is a live event featuring the famed comedian “Hannibal Buress” and alternative hip hop artist “Open Mike Eagle: in an exciting show. This thrilling event is expected to be a roaring success because of the performers presenting it. You can now be a part of a magnificent live show that will leave you with some of the most exciting memories to cherish for a long time to come. Book your Hannibal Buress with Open Mike Eagle tickets and catch it live.

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About Hannibal Buress With Open Mike Eagle

Hannibal Buress is a performer and a comedic writer who is well known for his magnetic comedic presence on the stage. He has the ability to be cerebral and adds a lot of swag to his performances. Buress successfully won Comedy Central’s award in the category of Best Club Comic in 2012. He has also been greatly appreciated by Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Rolling Stone and Esquire. He has been performing as a stand-up comedian regularly on popular late night shows like Late Show With David Letterman, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and also Late Nigth with Jimmy Fallon.
Buress is also an acclaimed writer for 30 Rock as well as SNL. He is the co-star of The Eric Andre Show which is aired on Comedy Central and is also seen appearing in Totally Biased, a show on FX as an expert alongside W. Kamau Bell. Buress released his comedy debut CD that was titled My Name is Hannibal in 2010. In 2012 a one hour special CD of Comedy Central’s Animal Surface was released. Both CDs have received tremendous lauding from critics and fans alike and have also made it to various Top 10 lists.
The latest project Hannibal Buress is working on is a weekly web series called Talking to Strangers with Hannibal Buress. The series displays some brilliant witty and absolutely hilarious conversations that occur with some of the best comedians, entertainers as well as famous musicians in the industry,.The premiere episode of the series is going to feature The Roots and is scheduled for release in the spring of 2013. Although, Buress is extensively touring all the time, he still deems New York City as his home. He frequently appears in a weekly comedy night that takes place at the celebrated Knitting Factory in Brooklyn every Sunday. The “Hannibal Buress with Open Mike Eagle” event is going to be a superb event that will feature some of the best comedy Buress has ever presented live.
“Open Mike Eagle” is a widely known alternative hip hop artist from America. He comes from Chicago, however he resides in Los Angeles now. Eagle is the talented member of the hip hop band called “Project Blowed” as well as of “Swim Team” and “Thirsty Fish.” He refers to his genre of rap music as “Art Rap.” Eagle successfully released his debut solo album titled Unapologetic Art Rap in 2010 on Mush Records. The album featured Hannibal Buress, Serengeti, Busdriver as well as Nocando. In 2011, his second album known as Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes came out. It had MC Paul Barman and P.O.S on the vocals and Hellfyre Club Records released it. Eagle’s third album, 4NML HSPTL was released on the notable Fake Four Inc. The album was completely produced by Awkward.
The rap trio of “Thirsty Fish” comprises of Psychosiz, Open Mike Eagle and Dumbfoundead. In 2007, they fruitfully released their album titled Testing the Waters. Their second album was released in 2011 on Mush Records and was titled “Watergate.The three band members have also created the notable battle group “Swim Team” that released a mixtape titled as Ocean’s 11 in 2008. “Hannibal Buress with Open Mike Eagle” will be a superb event that will showcase a mix of hilarious stand-up comedy and also a live music show at the same time. Getting the opportunity to catch “Hannibal Buress and Open Mike Eagle” at one event full of great energy is truly a delight for anyone looking for a spectacular entertainment show. With your cheap Hannibal Buress with Open Mike Eagle, you are going to enjoy an event that will be truly unforgettable.

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