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George Lopez’s ethnicity-centered Mexican American comedy has not only won him a dedicated Latino following, but his observational, satirical, and sometimes engagingly ribald humor has made quite a mainstream impression. The George Lopez Dallas show will attract throngs of supporters to the Majestic Theater.

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Born in Mission Hills, California, George Lopez had a neglected youth. Abandoned by both parents by 10, he was raised by his factory worker grandmother. Lopez suffered from congenital polycystic kidney disease. At 22, he started standup comedy, emulating Latin American trailblazing comedians Desi Arnaz and Freddie Prinze. Lopez’s first movie role was in 1990’s comedy Ski Patrol. Kicking off his television career in 2000’s Fidel, Lopez received the support of Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock, who voiced concern over sidelining of Hispanic comedians. The support landed him the long-running ABC sitcom ‘George Lopez’. In 2009, TBS started his late-night talk show Lopez Tonight to much acclaim.
The situation comedy ‘George Lopez’ ran for 6 seasons, topping 10 million viewers in its second season, winning Lopez a 2004 Imagen Award. Lopez Tonight’s successful run was brought to a premature close in 2011. He has contributed to twenty films, including the well-received ‘Bread and Roses’ and ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2’, and released two HBO Specials.
Lopez is a livewire in his shows, with racist elements candidly exploited to humor the audience. The George Lopez Dallas show is another feather in his cap.
A night of winding down for comedy enthusiasts is guaranteed with the purchase of George Lopez Dallas tickets.

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