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Three of the biggest stars in history of one of the most popular television shows of all time are back for a very special former SNL stars reunion. The event will see Jon Lovitz, Chris Kattan and Tim Meadows take to the stage for a performance that will be nothing short of fabulous. So fans if you are looking to add some humor to your lives then don’t miss out and book your former SNL stars tickets now. Saturday Night Live (SNL) broadcasted its first episode on 11th October, 1975 on NBC. The popularity of the show has gone way beyond the borders of the US and to other parts of the globe where it has been created again to immense acclaim. SNL has been a constant feature of television for over three decades now which puts it on the list of the longest running shows of all time. Three dozen Primetime Emmy Awards, three Writers Guild of America Awards and a Peaboy Awards also make it one of the most successful shows in history.

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Lovitz, Kattan and Meadows have all graced the prestigious stage at SNL over the years to play their part in making the show such an enormous hit. Lovitz was born on 21st July, 1957. He learned the traits of acting from the Film Actors Workshop after earning his degree from the University of California. After that he became a member of The Groundings, a touring comedy group. His next step was to jump to TV and he earned his big break when he was recruited as a cast member of SNL in 1985.
His stints on the show shot him to national stardom brought his way an Emmy nomination. Out of all the characters that he portrayed on SNL, Lovitz’s most successful performance was as Tommy Flanagan who was depicted to be a Pathological Liar. Lovitz remained on the show for five years and cites the time he spent there to be among the most memorable of his career. On top of that he has lent his voice to various characters, worked in movies, TV serials and has done his share of ads to become a household name.

Lovitz is not the only among former SNL stars who has made it big because Chris Kattan isn’t too far behind either. Born on 19th October, 1970 he began his career just like Lovitz by joining The Groundings. His father himself was an actor and one of the founding members of the group. After showing his skills on a smaller scale on various TV serials and shows, Kattan made the move to New York to work on SNL. He joined the show in 1995 and remained there for the next eight years till 2003.
His portrayal of various characters and parodies of stars like Clay Aiken, Ben Affleck, Elian Gonzalez, Kid Rock, David Lee Roth, David Spade, Ricky Martin, Al Pacino, Gollum, Steve Irvin and Robert Downey, Jr. among many others turned him into a huge star. After leaving SNL, Kattan has worked on Broadway, appeared in ads, worked in movies and sold-out arenas as a stand-up comedian to join the list of the most recognizable names in the industry.
Last but definitely not the least of these three former SNL stars is Tim Meadows. He was born on 5th February, 1961. Meadows began his career as a comedian by performing his routine at the Soup Kitchen Saloon. Shortly afterwards he went and joined the comedy troupe names The Second City. He got the break he had been working for all his professional life came in 1991 when he joined the SNL crew. Meadows remained on the show till 2000. His association of nine years was the longest of any star in the program’s history at that point in time. Meadows most famous impersonation included his mimicking of people like Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Erykah Badu, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods. Post SNL, Meadows worked on programs like The Michael Richards Show. He has also since worked in movies and some of the most popular television programs.
This teaming up of Lovitz, Meadows and Kattan is a triple treat of comedy unlike any other. Each of these amazing performers have a long illustrious relationship with SNL that goes a long way back. So grab your cheap former SNL stars tickets and make your way to the arena to watch this remarkable event live.

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