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Ever wondered what San Francisco’s culture is all about? Have you ever thought of why San Francisco style comedy is so famous all over the world? Sure you have, we all have! And the reason for this curiosity has been none other than For The People Comedy! This multi-award winning group, which comprises of comedians, musicians and artists of various backgrounds, makes the theatre going experience a whole lot of fun! Always full of energy, the artists of this unique group provide you with quality family entertainment! Famous for presenting colorful events full of roaring laughter, the group showcases the unique talents of its gifted artists, unlike any other entertainment group in the United States. Is it any wonder than that For The People Comedy tickets are always sold-out as soon as they are made available! 

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About For The People Comedy

The group which has quickly gained notoriety for showcasing performing arts events like live music, and stand-up comedy, has been receiving raving reviews from critics for displaying short films, all under one roof, on one stage. But since it is primarily a show full of fun and laughter, making you feel as if you were partying, it is only prudent to take stock of its various comedians! Surely you have heard of names like Janine Brito, Bryan Yang, Jabari Davis, Marcella Arguello, Cory Loykasek, and Frankie Quinones! Good news! Well there is even better news; these first-class comedians do not come with a first-class price tag! Meaning, cheap For The People Comedy tickets are available! You can’t beat that deal! It is just a win-win situation isn’t it? Watching the best comedians live for a discounted price!
Janine Brito is one of the most promising comedians in today’s America. Brito has won multiple prestigious awards like Silver Nail Award, SF Women’s Comedy Competition Award, and the 2011 East Bay Express Award in the “Best Comedian with a Message” category. She was further honored by the famous 7*7 Magazine when it declared her “the 7 funniest people in town”. Her unique comic style has made her famous not only in the San Francisco area but in all over the United States. Matter of fact, her comedy is appreciated as far away as Hong Kong, where she has performed on regular basis. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss Brito’s act! And especially when cheap For The People Comedy tickets are available, who would want to miss out on her!

Bryan Yang is another brilliant comic, who is just waiting to make you roll over with laughter. Yang may be the youngest of the lot, but he is also the funniest. He’ll crack you up with his Asian-American jokes. Because of his Chinese-American ethnicity, he is well-placed to pass a comic remark on Asian-American way of life in the United States! In addition to his regular stand-up gigs, he co-hosts “Happy Sanchez”, a podcast, along with two very funny guys, Carlos Rodriguez and Chazz Hawkins.
Cory Loykasek is just hilarious! There is simply no other way of describing him. His bio says “Cory has been electrifying crowds with his laid-back rants and his high-brow look at low-brow issues.” People, who have watched him, have never doubted a word of it.  In addition to having an ever successful stand-up career, he is also a recognized music composer, screenwriter and a cartoonist. He is also credited with co-starting “Funny Party”, a comedy variety show.
Marcella Arguello is another comedian, representing the funny lot from San Francisco. She has earned a name for herself due to her habit of speaking her mind. She has commented on everything under the sun, be it work, family, relationships, gender, politics, what have you! A tall girl, who stands 6 feet plus, she has been labeled as “sexually and ethnically ambiguous”. And if you thought that wasn’t enough consider Jabari Davis. Davis will undoubtedly remind you of Woody Allen, Redd Foxx, Billy Cosby, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Chris Rock, and Richard Pryor. Yes he is that good! You need to see it to believe it!
So are you ready for some comedy, music, entertainment and good old plain fun! Sure you are! A bit of comedy could be used to refresh our tiring lifestyles! And that is exactly where this unique entertaining group fits in! Master stage performers, they are an item, never to be missed! So do not wait and buy your For The People Comedy tickets now!

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