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The Beacon Theatre in New York City is playing host to one of America’s most renowned comedians, Eddie Izzard. Known for his unique style that encompass whimsical monologue, self-referential pantomime and at times rambling, Eddie’s performances are anxiously awaited by his fans. This time Eddie will be performing at the Beacon theater. Inaugurated in 1929, the venue opened as a vaudeville and movie palace. The facility is currently popular for arranging concerts, award ceremonies, and comedy shows. With a capacity of 2,894 attendees, the theatre is expected to be packed at the upcoming show of the comedy genius.  Buy Eddie Izzard tickets now.

About Eddie Izzard

Edward John Izzard was born to English parents in 1962. His father was an accountant, working for the British Petroleum. The family used to relocate every other year due to his father’s postings. Throughout his childhood Eddie lived in Northern Island, Yemen and Wales and attended several boarding schools such as Porthcawl, St. John’s School, Eastbourne College and St. Bede’s Prep School. It was during his time at the University of Sheffield that he began experimenting with comedy. Along with his friend, Rob Ballard, Eddie quit the accountancy course and took to the streets. The two performed several gigs in Covent Garden.

After the two friends split up, Eddie performed as a solo act in the US and Europe. Slowly Eddie moved his act to the venues in Britain. His debut comedy gig was held at the Banana Cabaret in London. Revising and improving his material in the 80s and 90s, Eddie started gaining recognition after his performance at the Comedy Store in 1987. It was in 1991 that Eddie finally broke into the mainstream comedy industry with his performance at “Hysteria 3,” a charity AIDS benefit by Fry and Laurie. Performing his “Wolves” sketch, Eddie started appearing on television shows and venues in America and with this scored a big break when he was approached to perform at the British Comedy Awards in 1993.

In 1996, Eddie Izzard produced his first feature film, “The Secret Agent,” during which time he became acquainted with Robin Williams. Robin decided to help Eddie make a name for him in the American comedy scene and took him on as a supporting act for his show in New York. Performing “Dress to kill,” the aspiring comedian’s sketch was featured on HBO in the following year. With this, Eddie began touring throughout France, UK and the US. In 2000, “Dress to kill” earned the standup comedian two Emmy Awards in the categories of writing and performance. In 2005 Eddie introduced rambling to his performances. His shows were named “Recycle. The possibilities are endless!” which he performed in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the following year, Eddie was signed by FX channel in a drama series named “The Riches.” In the show, Eddie was seen working alongside Minnie Driver, where the two appeared as a couple.

Since 1993, Eddie Izzard has released nine DVDs, the most recent being “Force Majeure” (2013). The comedian has appeared in a number of feature films as well as television programs. Some of his most popular acting performances on the big screen were in movies such as The Avengers, Alien Invasion, Blueberry, Ocean’s Twelve, the Aristocrats, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Ocean’s Thirteen, Valkyrie, the Other Side, Cars 2 and Circus. The comedian has been a part of comedy shows that include Open Fire, Tales from the Crypt, the Riches, Lost Christmas, the Good Wife, the Secret Policeman’s Ball, Mockingbird Lane, Hannibal, Treasure Island and Castles in the Sky. In 2007, Eddie Izzard was honored by British Channel 4, as he was ranked third on its “100 Greatest British National Comedians” list. In 2010, Eddie was again placed fifth on the list. Eddie was also included in Comedy Central’s list of “100 Greatest Stand-ups of All- Time.” In 2013, the talented comedian was presented with the Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award at the Harvard University. Watch Eddie perform his recent most comedic sketch at the upcoming show by purchasing Eddie Izzard tickets.