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Everyone enjoys a good laugh especially when it is among a large crowd and everyone is doing the same. This kind of atmosphere is always present at stand-up comedy shows because these are the sort of events where people go to when they want to see a vast array of talented comedians doing what they do best. If you are the sort of person who enjoys going to these kinds of events then you will be very excited to hear about the upcoming Doug Benson event because he will be performing live in front of thousands of his fans and if you want, you can be present among them too.

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About Doug Benson

This particular comedian has accomplished a lot in his wonderful career as an entertainer. Apart from his successful career as a live comedian, he has also made several appearances on television programs and he continues to look for work as a professional actor. His true fans, however, know him best for his time spent on stage because that is where he truly shines. If you have never seen his live comedy performances then you just cannot imagine what it is that you have been missing out on. Anyone who has been to any of his shows in the past will tell be able to tell you about what a good time they had and how hard they found it to breathe because they were laughing so hard. If you are looking forward to attend a comedy event then there will be a rare few that would be better than this upcoming event. If you are really serious about going then make sure that you book your Doug Benson tickets as soon as you possibly can because there is a chance that the tickets will sell out soon and you do not want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.
Doug Benson was born on the 7th of May in the year 1964 in the city of San Diego in California. He had a knack for entertaining people ever since he was a little boy but he truly started to consider it as a profession during his mid-twenties. He started off his career in the year 1986 after he had moved to Los Angeles from his hometown in order to pursue a career as an actor. The first time he actually got up on stage to perform a comedy gig was on a dare by two of his friends and after realizing that people actually laughed at what he said, he began to consider doing it more often. His talents were rewarded after he made several appearances on TV shows during the late 1980s and early 1990s. During this time, he made appearances on shows like The A List, The TV Wheel and Two Drink Minimum. All these shows, at the time, were some of the most popular shows on hit cable TV channel Comedy Central. Doug Benson has also been a part of popular American weekly TV show which goes by the name Best Week Ever and has made several appearances for this show. He has also made several appearances on other popular shows like How I Met Your Mother and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He has also appeared on many episodes of Comedy Central Presents. He also earned the sixth place on Last Comic Standing during the 2007 season of the show.
Doug Benson has made appearances in a number of movies as well. He had the lead role in Super High Me which came out in the year 2008. The movie revolves around what happens to people who smoke marijuana and became quite popular during the time. He also got his own show on Comedy Central which goes by the name The Benson Interruption and he has played host to a number of popular celebrities ever since then. The show is now a monthly podcast and has amassed quite a fan-base throughout the United States. His upcoming stand-up comedy event is expected to be quite an amazing night and provides a chance to see this amazing performer live on stage. If you are thinking about attending the upcoming event then you have to book your tickets right away. Hurry up because you may get your hands on cheap Doug Benson tickets and considering the speed at which tickets to his events sell, you will be very lucky to secure your own.

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