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The legendary Don Rickles has been one of the best stand-up comedians of the last six decades. From the start of his career to this day he has made millions of people laugh through his incredible natural talents and hilarious routines. Nothing and no one has been spared. He has hit the road once again and you can be a part of the fun by simply buying cheap Don Rickles tickets.

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About Don Rickles

Don Rickles was born on 8th May, 1926. In 1948 he earned the opportunity to study at the famous American Academy of Dramatic Arts and that paved the way for sporadic small roles on television. Due to the lack of chances that he was getting to show his acting skills Don decided to take up stand-up comedy. He would make fun of the hacklers in the audience and also perform his scripted routines. It was his insulting of the hecklers that started to get him noticed and that became more popular with fans than his prepared stuff. His first break came when he was performing at Murray Franklin’s, a nightclub in Miami. There he met Frank Sinatra who enjoyed Don’s insulting humor so much that he told other celebrities to make sure they go and watch this fabulous comedian to face the sharp end of his tongue. Frank’s backing counted for a lot and turned Don into one of the most famous performers in Las Vegas.
Don Rickles exploits as an amazing performer brought him his first movie role in 1958. The name of the film was Run Silent, Run Deep and it had Clark Gable in it too. The role Don got was a very serious one, the exact opposite of what had made him famous in the first place. By the time 1960’s came around, he had established himself among the most famous names in the entertainment industry. He became a regular on television programs for the most part of that decade featuring in numerous shows and dramas. Don also became a regular guest on the biggest talk shows of that era. He used to make regular appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Hello, Dummy! , Don’s first live album came out in 1968. He also began his own program the Don Rickles Show that year.
Don didn’t let the standards slip and continued to remain at the top of the stand-up comedians list in the next two decades as well. He became one of the most sought after comedians at The Dean Martin Roasts. Don also started to perform at various concerts and shows with Steve Lawrence in the area of Las Vegas. In 1985, Frank Sinatra was invited for a performance at Ronald Reagan’s Inaugural Ball but he said he will perform only if Don performs with him. Don credits that as one of the biggest highlights of his storied career.
In 1995 he earned two big roles in movies. The first one was in the Robert De Niro starring Casino. In the other project he was asked to provide the voice for Mr. Potato Head in the animated movie Toy Story. He then went on to play that role in both Toy Story 2 as well as Toy Story 3. Don has been very active to this very day. He has been at the forefront of comedy for a long time and is still showing no signs of retiring anytime soon. Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel Live! are still his regular ports of call.
Don Rickles has been a source of inspiration for a lot of stand-up comedians who have come after him. To remain at the pinnacle for as long as he has takes something special. His success is a testament to his hard work and his natural abilities. Now that he is out on tour, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to buy Don Rickles tickets.

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