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Comedy is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that mankind has been blessed with. Without it, people would lead dull and dreary lives, devoid of laughter and happiness. They would not be able to see the positive side of life and would never learn the ability to get pleasure from even the smallest moments of joy. However, thankfully you do not have to look forward to a life like that because the world of comedy is absolutely thriving these days. Some of the greatest comics in history are doing their thing right now and you can catch them in action via a number of mediums including television, film and the stage.   

About David Cross Tickets

Turn on the mike

One of the biggest names on the comedy circuit these days, as well as for the past few years, has been David Cross. He has been part of the show business for over twenty five years and during this time has cemented his place among the very best around. He has managed to do over fifty movies and almost the same number of television shows during what has been a stellar career.

He has also managed to write two bestselling books, released a couple of comedy albums and has also gone out on tour for his fans all over the country. Now that he has announced plans to head out on yet another comedy tour, here is your chance to watch him on stage for yourself. Just book your David Cross tickets and avail the opportunity to enjoy his comedy routines live from the stands.

A wave to the crowd

David Cross was born in 1964 to a British emigrant father and a Jewish American mother, and spent most of his formative years moving from one city to the next. The family struggled to make ends meet for most of his childhood and his father eventually abandoned them when he was ten years old. However he never let this incident affect his goals in life and vowed to make a name for himself as soon as he could.

At the age of seventeen, just after his high school graduation, Cross decided to move to New York in order to pursue a career in comedy. He had started performing in various small time clubs and bars around his home long before the move and then honed his skills even further in front of New York’s tough crowds. Soon after, he decided to move to Boston, where he started to receive a lot more fame and attention. It wasn’t long before he had formed his own sketch comedy group, called “Cross Comedy” and was brought onboard radio artist Joe Frank’s popular radio shows “A Hearing” and “The Last Run.”

The final bow

Cross is a multi-talented comedian and has tried his hand at a lot of different fields. He is primarily famous for his various roles in television and film, which all started with his first chance on the Ben Stiller Show in 1992. Hired originally as a writer, he eventually went on to appear in several episodes and even managed to win an Emmy Award for his contributions. He has since appeared in over forty more television shows, with his latest effort, titled “W/ Bob & David,” a collaboration with his good friend, and occasional on screen partner, Bob Odenkirk.

He appeared in his first movie back in 1995, called “Destiny Turns on the Radio” and has appeared in more than fifty more films since then. His last major role came in “Kung Fu Panda 3” in which he provided the voice for a character called Master Crane. He has additionally been involved in a country wide comedy tour as well, called ‘Let America Laugh’ and has recently announced plans to head out on the road once again. Dubbed “Making America Great Again!” comedy tour, it is expected to go on for over fifty shows and you can be part of it all the way. Just book your David Cross tickets and enjoy the event, live.