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The standup comedian Daniel Tosh was born in Germany but spent most of his life in Florida. His quick wit and sarcastic nature encouraged him to be a part of the comedy circuit. After graduating from college, he started touring and participated in, "Just for Laughs". His sharp, edgy comedy was appreciated by many and his performance was even telecasted on television. The artist received his first break in 2001, when he was asked to appear on the, "Late Show With David Letterman". From there onwards there was no looking back for this talented comedian. Tosh's unguarded and honest comedy earned him the respect of many people and he was asked to reappear on the show time and again. Several other channels invited him to perform on their top comedy shows. Some of these popular programs include, "The Tonight Show with Jay leno", Jimmy Kimmel Live and Premium Blend. Besides participating, Tosh has also hosted several late night comedy shows.

About Daniel Tosh

With every performance, Daniel Tosh earned himself a huge fan following. With the snide, wicked material that the artist comes up with, he has found a large fan-base in the younger generation. He has performed in many colleges and universities. Each year the artist brings his comedy to the stage in almost a hundred institutions.

When Daniel Tosh was a college student himself, he felt that he had what it takes to entertain people. His witty comebacks and flippant remarks made him very popular with his peers. The comedian decided not to let his talent go to waste and started performing at comedy clubs and open mic nights. He got an opportunity to take his talent on the road and he made the best use of it. For a very long time, the artist played gigs at comedy joints and with each act his buzz increased. He was finally recognized for his talent and made his television appearance.

Daniel Tosh owes a lot of his success to the Comedy Central Network. His thirty minute special was aired on the channel in 2003. The act won the hearts of many and Tosh became a sensation in the comedy circuit. Followed by this, the network helped the artist produce his first album, "True Stories I Made Up". Released in 2005, it created quite a stir among the standup comedy fans. The compilation comprises of Tosh's trademark routine, "Fictitious Disorder". The comedian came up with many made up stories that explained how denial is easier than reality. He gave many examples to prove his observation. The material that he created was simply brilliant and his blunt, edgy comments had the audiences cracked up. The interesting and the casual way that he presented his comedy added to its appeal.

In 2007, the network released another DVD of his, tilted "Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious". It is considered one of the best works of the comic icon. The compilation contains jokes that are not only hilarious but also unpretentious and self-deprecating. He makes the audiences comfortable with his casual style. Once they are ready, he starts firing his one-liners at them. In this album, he has delivered acts with smugness and without the need to be appropriate, which appears to be quite refreshing.

In 2009, Daniel Tosh got his very own show to host called, "Tosh.0". Due to the fresh material presented by the artist, the program has hiked in ratings. It has become one of the most watched shows, beating many popular and previously long-running comedy programs. Each episode comprises of brand new viral clips, as the comedian comments on every one of them. The show also includes special segments, which when presented in a unique way by Tosh, makes the program all the more interesting. Though the show has little room for diversification, Daniel Tosh's talent and his desire to be the best, always produces something new for the fans.

The comedian is the son of a former preacher. Many people thought that he wouldn't have received encouragement from his family, but the artist claims that his father is his biggest fan. It is this support that has taken Tosh to a quick fame and stardom. He has now become one of the most sought after comedians. The artist is on a tour and will soon be gracing your city. If you don't want to miss a hilarious performance by him, get your Cheap Daniel Tosh Tickets now. His comedy will certainly show you a great time.

The amazing stand-up comedian, Daniel Tosh is scheduled to have a hilarious show that'll be totally live! Tosh has been making the audience laugh for the past 9 years. The man has contributed a lot to the popular TV show, Comedy Central. These days he's also running his own show at Comedy Central, named Tosh.0. However, watching such a person perform live is something very different and awesome. His bold style of acting and imitating others is very hilarious. Besides that, the audience has always liked his fresh jokes. It'll be fun packed show! Get your Daniel Tosh Tickets now!

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