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American standup comedian Daniel Tosh has the magical secrets to make you laugh within a few minutes. His comic style and witty talk creates a humorous environment.

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Tosh was interested in pursuing a career in comedy since childhood. Following his dreams, he started to visit the Comedy Club Circuit after he got done with his graduation. Tosh’s appearance on the comedy shows and competitions grabbed the attention of the viewers and earned him massive popularity.

Daniel Tosh’s official career started with his first appearance in the Late Night Show with David Letterman in 2001. He started to perform a 30 minutes long show on the Comedy Central Presents. Tosh includes black comedy, sarcasm, observational comedy and satire in his performances. Throughout the early years, he kept connecting to his fans through the TV shows, and also released three successful DVDs.

In the year 2009, his very own comedy show ‘Tosh O.’ came into picture. It follows a unique pattern, starting off with a random video from the internet, on which he makes hilarious comments and cracks jokes. Three seasons of this amazingly humorous show have been aired. Some episodes of Tosh O. have recorded a viewership of 2 million plus and it is the highest rated non-animated show.
‘Happy Thoughts’, his latest comedy show has recorded a viewership of 3.25 million. The exceptionally talented comedian has already announced that he will retire from this career on his birthday in 2013 and keeps a countdown. Get the Daniel Tosh Vancouver Tickets and enjoy a show which will keep you in laughing fits.
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