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For the people living in and around Boston, things are going to get really warm and comical as the funny man Daniel Tosh comes to town for his upcoming gig. After graduating with a marketing degree Daniel Tosh decided to become a standup comedian. He was raised in Florida and he sees it as one of the prime reason for choosing comedy as a profession as it is simultaneously dumb, hot and flat for him. Initially he appeared in Just for Laugh which is a comedy festival in Montreal and his performance was later televised in Theatre-Saint-Denis. However, Late Show with David Letterman provided his first major TV breakthrough. He has also appeared in Taco Bell commercials as a spokesperson and has hosted a late night comedy show titled as Ten.

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Daniel Tosh is often criticized for the gender based and racial humor in his jokes but his fanbase keeps increasing nonetheless. He has hosted an episode of a show on Comedy Central Tosh O and his special standup act was also aired on the same channel. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were beaten by him for highest rated non animated show of the network. Daniel Tosh entertains his fans through his humor and is known for giving shocking surprises as well like when he announced he would retire at thirty eight years of age. He maintains a website which has a countdown timer showing the remaining time he has left with his audiences. The fans of the very talented comedian can look forward to a fun filled evening with their favorite star this summer. Grab your Daniel Tosh Boston Tickets today.
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