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Daniel Tosh has the talent of creating a humorous environment with his witty style and hilarious talk. Born in Germany in 1975, the American stand-up comedian was interested in pursuing comedy as a career since beginning. After completing his graduation, he immediately started touring the comedy club circuit. He appeared on various shows and competitions and grabbed the attention of the audiences. It was in 2001 when his career officially started after he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. He continued with stand-up comedy and performed a 30 minute show on Comedy Central Presents. He released three successful DVDs and also made regular appearances on various TV shows. His comedy revolves around sarcasm, black comedy, satire and observational comedy.

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Daniel Tosh created his own comedy show named as ‘Tosh O.’ which premiered in 2009 on Comedy Central. The show starts with a random video picked from the internet and Tosh starts with making humorous comments and continues the entertaining talk.  The 21 minute long show has aired 52 episodes and three seasons. The TV series Tosh O. has become massively successful and some of its episodes have had a record viewership of more than 2 million. Tosh O is the highest rated non-animated show having an average viewership of 2.2 million. Tosh’s latest comedy special ‘Happy Thoughts’ had a viewership of 3.25 million. He plans to retire from this career on his birthday in 2013 and keeps a time countdown. The effective comic style of this talented comedian entertains people all over America. Grab the Daniel Tosh Billings Tickets and listen to the incredibly funny artist live!
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