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About Dane Cook


Dane Jeffrey Cook, who is an American stand-up comedian, was born on March 18, 1972 in Massachusetts, United States of America. Apart form being a comedian he is also known as a film actor and he has proved himself in both the fields due to his immense talent. He has five comedy albums to his name which include Isolated Incident, Retaliation, and Rough around the Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden, Harmful If Swallowed and Vicious Circle. Retaliation proved to be a huge success and emerged as one of the most popular and successful comedy album in twenty eight years. He has been extremely popular and this has made him the first comedian to own a personal web page. Through these web pages he was able to become extremely popular .In the year 2006 he was considered to be "alarmingly popular" with the general public who adored his work.


Cook has proved his worth as an actor aswell.He has been working in films since 1997 including Dan in Real Life, Mystery Men, Good Luck Chuck, My Best Friend's Girl, Mystery Men, Waiting..., Employee of the Month and Mr. Brooks. He is a versatile aritist.Though his forte is comedy but his non comic role in Mr. Brooks has shown to the world that he has the ability to perform all sorts of roles without compromising on his acting.


Dane Cook moved to New York in 1994 where he began performing. After staying there for two years he moved to Los Angeles. His first break through came in 1998 when he performed on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and from then onwards there was no looking back. In 2000 he made a half n hour appearance on Comedy Central Presents which won him appreciation from all around the world. After his special appearance, this show won Comedy Central Stand-up showdown twice, one after the other. The year 2003 proved to be another milestone in Cook’s career as a comedian. He released his first DVD/CD called Harmful If Swallowed. After his successful start he signed a contract with Comedy Central Records. His popularity can be seen from the fact that his album went platinum. In 2005 he released his second album Retaliation in DVD/CD which broke all previous records and did double platinum. This made Dane Cook to be the first comedian in twenty nine years to reach at number four on the Billboard charts. He also has the privilege of performing at MTV Video Music Awards. Afterwards he joined an American entertainer Snoop Dogg performing with whom he won the award for the Best New Artist.


On April 15, 2005 came another milestone in Cook’s career. It was then that he did Vicious Circle for HBO.He recorded two introductory performances for his sitcom Cooked in the same year.2005 proved to be the most important year of his career. He also went to a tour of thirty days and performed twenty shows with his friends Jay Davis, Robert Kelly and Gary Gulman.It was filmed and later on considering the demands of the audience, it was converted into a documentary for HBO which consisted of nine episodes. After gaining so much public admiration he decided to host a show. On third December, 2005 he hosted the show Saturday Night Live .It proved to be one of the top rated shows of the year.


As far as his career as a film actor is concerned Dane Cook has had small roles but his performances did not go unnoticed. His most appreciated performance was as "The Waffler" in the movie Mystery Men. His first hit movie was Mr. Brooks where his role was of a photographer Mr. Smith. Kevin Costner was also a part of the film. The film proved to be at number four at the box office. It did a business of $10,017,067 in the very first week. The success did not end here .He performed the role of a dentist Charlie Logan in American romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck. The film proved to be America’s number one comedy at the box office and did a record breaking business of $13.6 million and was exhibited in 2,612 theaters.


Dane Cook Tickets will give you a chance to sit and relax and watch the world’s best comedian take his position and amuse you to an extent that you cannot stop yourself from coming back again.

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