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Chelsea Handler, a multitalented artist in the truest sense of the word has been entertaining audiences for the last fifteen years. Most of us hardly manage to perform one job but not Chelsea, she is someone special and her resume can be presented as a proof of that. How many people can claim that they have performed as a standup comedian, humorist, television host, actress and model and in between written four books out of which three have reached The New York Times Best Sellers List? Now you know that she isn’t just a dumb blonde who has achieved her success on the basis of her good looks. Chelsea has performed all over the country in live shows and she also has her own late night talk show television show broadcasted on E! titled Chelsea Lately. The show is currently being broadcasted in 15 countries in all corners of the globe and has won the Teens Choice Award for late night talk-show in 2009 and was nominated for the People’s Choice Award. Are you now convinced enough to buy Chelsea Lately tickets that are on sale now in your city?

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Though Chelsea Handler was not sure about having her own show on television but lucky for us she was convinced by the E! executives and the show premiered on the July 16th, 2007. The talk show has been a success ever since, in March 2009 it was announced that the production of the show has been extended to 2012 and on April 25th, 2011 it celebrated its 700th episode. The show has been so successful that it even has a spin-off, named ‘After – Lately’ which first aired in early 2011. Chelsea Lately attracts more than half a million viewers during each airing which is way more than average for a late night cable program. Her work on the talk show has even landed her at 98th place in the Forbes Celebrity 100. And now you too have the chance to be a part of the show by just buying Chelsea Lately Tickets.
The show opens with a short monologue delivered by Chelsea Handler herself on a topic taken from the pop culture or current events. Afterwards three guests arrive and sit around a round table discussing important events related or not to entertainment in a comic manner. Later a celebrity is invited for a brief interview and as a last act either funny pictures are shown or another even shorter monologue is delivered by Chelsea. Chelsea Lately is filled with one-liners from Handler as well as diminutive assistant, a permanent cast member of the show. It boasts of an interesting format that people enjoy.
Handler has achieved her success despite the fact that her guests are not A-list celebrities. Why so might one ask and the answer is simple so that the attention of the viewers is always kept on the show rather than a big name celebrity who tends to steal the lime light from everything else. In a 2008 interview Handler said, "The worse the guests are, the more pathetic they are, the funnier the show is." You can now have a fair guess of what type of a show you will be attending if you decide to watch her live performance.
If you have ever wondered how all these late night shows are done and what actually goes on behind the scenes then Chelsea Lately show might be a good place to start to look for answers or maybe you just want to spend a late night with someone close and want their funny bone to be tickled then Chelsea Lately Tickets are just what you want. You will be entertained to the extreme and will get the best value for your money. So hurry and buy Chelsea Lately Tickets and enjoy a show that will leave you hungry for more.
Comedians Of Chelsea Lately Fillmore Theatre The American actress, TV host, model, stand-up comedian and an excellent author Chelsea Handler is a very talented lady. The 35 year old artist started off her career in 1996. She is seen on TV on various channels and on various shows. She also hosts late night talk shows. Her two books have topped the New York Times Best Seller List. Chelsea entertains people of all ages and occupations. She is going to host the 2010 MTV Awards. Her comedy provides you with an entertaining time. Don?t delay to get the Comedians Of Chelsea Lately Fillmore Theatre tickets and have a humorous time!

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A:Your child should not attend the Comedians Of Chelsea Lately show. Read its reviews before wanting to take your kid along to the show.

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