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Here is your chance to have a great night out as Chris Tucker comes to town with his brand new show which is certain to be hilarious. The show is around the corner and if you have not gotten your Chris Tucker Atlantic City tickets yet, don’t wait any longer and go grab them as the stock won’t last forever. Chris Tucker, born in August 1972 is a comedian and actor. He is well known for having played the role as a detective called James Carter in the movie Rush Hour. Tucker continuously performed in 1990s on Def Comedy Jam and rose to fame in 1995 when he starred in the movie Friday along with Ice Cube. He became the highest paid Hollywood actor at a time, once he demanded twenty five million dollar for starring in Rush Hour 3.

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Tucker has gained ample success on big screen and has appeared in several movies such as his debut film House Party, Friday, Money Talks, and the Fifth Element. In 2007 he was announced to play in Mr. S: My Life With Frank Sinatra, a drama film with Brett Ratner as director. In 2011, Chris returned as a stand-up act and has been performing live from state to state, entertaining people with his God gifted talent. As he comes your way, you will be surprised to see how funny this act can be. Be prepared to laugh your lungs out with your cheap Chris Tucker Atlantic City tickets as this comedian never stops cracking jokes and comments, which one finds extremely funny.

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