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Cheech & Chong is a hippie comedy duo that has been honored with the prestigious Grammy Award for their extraordinary performances. The duo comprises of Tommy Chong and Richard Cheech Marin. They gained fame for their standup routines as well as films that revolved around the topics of free love and hippie era. They also presented a take on counterculture movement and drugs. Through their comedy shows they express their love for cannabis. This legendary comedy duo from the 80s era is now returning to live stage with a number of shows lined up for the fans. To catch the one in the Atlantic City, make sure you keep the cheap Chong Atlantic City tickets deals in mind.

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Cheech & Chong is known for a series of low budget films that they have starred in and have gone famous. They have also recorded a number of comedy albums. They are famous for their songs like Basketball Jones, Earache My Eye, Sister Mary Elephant and Santa Clause and His Old Lady.  The duo initially found fame after they released a feature film by the name of “Up in Smoke” in the year 1978. This followed  several other films and albums starring the comedians. To catch new songs and acts by this hippie duo, you can now attend the show in Atlantic City for which Chong Atlantic City tickets are now available.