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Many of us who are familiar with Chelsea Handler and her work know just how hilarious she can be. With her own show on Cable Television Network, her quips are a guaranteed laugh. The thirty something diva has already made it big amongst American comedians and is well on her way to even bigger success. The ever increasing popularity of her show Chelsea Lately has contributed to her fame as a stand-up comedian and she has used the ever opportunity to add to her fame. The gifted starlet is much more than a comedian. Her hotter than hell looks could have pretty much gotten her just about any kind of career in modeling but she has not paid any real attention to modeling to date even though she has appeared on magazine covers. She has taken every single opportunity and used it to her advantage to further her career as a full time comedian which pretty much makes her one of the very few not-funny looking, but hilarious nevertheless, comedians.

About Chelsea Handler

Chelsea's love for comedy is stellar. She has a gift for making people laugh and she makes full use of it. It is her genuine jokes and charming personality which sets her apart from other female stand-up comedians. It is her love for her job of making people laugh that has kept her from all other kinds of perks which the other comedians fiddle with like acting, singing etc. Chelsea Handler did however take up the offer of hosting her own show on E! Cable Television Network but that too simply because of the fact that it was a comedy show. She has interviewed many big names and the hottest stars of our time and has punctuated their stories with her witty remarks and hilarious quips. She is not your typical pretty blonde. She is one smart girl who knows how to make you laugh!

Chelsea Handler, who was born in 1975, still has not forgotten her humble beginnings. As per her recollections, she grew up in an area where everybody drove around in big cars while her family only owned an outdated Ford Pinto. From an early childhood, she had a knack for comedy. Her quirky sense of humor brought her on the stage for the first time when she was only twenty one years old. She quickly caught the eye of many as her good looks and jokes, which as per her are 'comments' brought her much attention right in the beginning of her career. To date, she has done a myriad of shows on television. Some of her shows include Weekends at the D.L, The Practice, My Wife and Kids, Girls Behaving Badly, The Bernie Mac Show and many others. Over time, she has also emerged as a skilled actor which has earned her numerous rolls on both television and the big screen. The multi talented starlet is also a very skilled humorist writer with a regular column in the Cosmopolitan and a bestselling author as well. That makes her fan wonder if there is anything that this woman cannot do. The answer to that question may not be a 'no' but we will have to wait and see just how talented this woman can truly be. She has received offers to host the Dancing with the Stars Chelsea did not have her heart in it and declined the offer. She has a long list of achievements which include her on television show in the form of Chelsea Lately.

Comedians who are predictable lose their charm but Chelsea is not one of them. Her fan base is increasing day by day. The fact that she ranked ninety one in the Maxim Hot 100 list has contributed to her. Any stand-up comedy with Chelsea in it offers a double for the ears as well as the eyes. Grab your Chelsea Handler tickets and now and see just how truly talented and smart she is.

Chelsea Handler! The lady is all over the media and has a very strong fan base. Apart from that, she has a lovable and pleasant personality which ads to her comedy skills. Female stand-up comedians are quite rare in the industry, but this woman has showed the world that not only men, but women can also make a name in this field. Most of her shows have turned out to be sold outs and not only elder people in fact youngsters love her too. Her live show is going to make your day for sure! Don't forget to be there! Get your Chelsea Handler Ticket right away!

Known mostly for her hit TV Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler is an accomplished stand-up comedian, author, actress and model. Her deadpan humor leaves crowds roaring with laughter and her straight faced delivery adds to the humor in her words. After recently hosting the VMA's this beautiful blonde bombshell has decided to take the genius of her humor on tour. The bestselling author will have you cracking up all night with her real-life stories and comments on things that happen around her. If you want to get Cheap Chelsea Handler Tickets, you should browse around our site for the best Chelsea Handler Tickets.

The American humorist Chelsea Handler is in Las Vegas this season. She has been one of the most hilarious and entertaining stand up comedians of the country performing since 1996. She has won Bravo A-list award and has been an accomplished columnist of Cosmopolitan. She has her own television late night show Chelsea Lately. She has also been quite a success at Comedy Central Tour. Her memorable television appearances include The Practice, My Wife and Kids, Weekends at the D.L., and The Bernie Mac Show. To be at her show stand performance, get your Chelsea Handler Las Vegas Tickets now!

Prepare yourself for an enormous deal of laughter because Chelsea Handler is all set to give you guys a great time. Get your Chelsea Handler Pantages Theatre CA Tickets before they are sold out. Beautiful and funny, this girl spreads laughter all around her. Chelsea Joy Handler has versatile career of being talk show host, bestselling author, comedian, and also an actress. She won Bravo A-List Award for "A-List Funny" on April 15, 2009. If you haven’t listened to her cracking joke on stage then you should grab your Chelsea Handler Pantages Theatre CA Tickets right away, because this gal is surely going to make your evening. If you have liked her acting in Girls Behaving Badly or read her columns inthe UK celebrity magazine NOW and Cosmopolitan, then you are definitely going to be her instant fan when you will see her performing on stage. She has been performing nation wide, doing tour all over the place making people laugh. Her Hour Stand-Up Comedy Tour in 2007 was a great success across the US. Her fame can be gauged by the fact that she is has authored three books on the New York Times Best Seller List. On May 11, 2008, her book Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea which is a collection humorous essays, got on the NY Times non-fiction best seller list. Her late night talk show, Chelsea Lately on the E! Cable Television Network has been a huge hit catering more than half-million viewers since its beginning. Enjoy your time giggling with you friend and family grab your Chelsea Handler Pantages Theatre CA Tickets right away!

Hailing from New Jersey, Chelsea Handler boasts of many talents. After establishing herself as an astounding stand-up comedian and humorist, the artist went on to become an actress, model and a best-selling author. Chelsea had always been very ambitious and planned on reaching the top. Looking for better opportunities she moved to LA and started performing in local live shows and clubs. While she had never been interested in late-night shows, Handler claims to be a huge fan of Oprah and always wanted to become a star like her.
It was during one of these live shows that Chelsea Handler found her first break and was approached by an agent. After landing small television roles, finally in 2007 she was rewarded with her very own late-night show, “Chelsea Lately”. Premiering on E! Entertainment, the show quickly peaked to the top and became one of the most watched programs. It also made Handler entertainment’s most sought after and placed her among the most versatile rising stars.
Chelsea Handler is known for her refreshing high energy and snarky attitude. She can come up with the most bizarre, hilarious as well as authentic comments that leave the audiences in laugher fits. The diva is very famous for her live shows and will be making her next appearance at Mohegan Sun Arena. The multi-purpose arena has a capacity of over 12,000 and often witness sold-out crowd. To be a part of all the fun, buy your Chelsea Handler Mohegan Sun Arena CT Tickets now! It’ll be a night to remember.

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