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The Vegas strip gets funnier as Carrot Top comes down with his gut wrenching humor. He has been in the entertainment world since the early nineties, to become the funniest man on earth for the year 1994.  He can go to any extreme to make you laugh, whether it is whacky props or his very own self deprecating humor. He loves to make fun out of the American Culture and the current affairs. He loves making terrorist jokes and of course who doesn’t know his mercy girlfriend joke.

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About Carrot Top Las Vegas Tickets

Carrot Top is downright hilarious loved by the audiences all over the country. He is the one guy who can actually make you laugh on the grimmest situations, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Carrot Top got famous by appearing on television shows like Scrubs and Larry the Cable Guy.  He has gradually evolved into becoming a sold out standup comedian of the country. He has often been parodied on various shows; he was referred to as the ‘Carrot Scalp’ on Family Guy and ‘Carrot Ass’ on South Park. He is most recently featuring in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He has done a couple of movies in the past including Dennis the Menace strikes again and Hangover. His live performances have been extremely entertaining. He stands for the over the top, eye tearing comedy. He is now coming to take up the funny bone of Las Vegas to higher levels. If you are interested in catching him live, then order Carrot Top Las Vega Tickets now!