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Capitol Steps Milwaukee tickets are available now for a political satire comedy show, put together by a group of over twenty mimickers. They have produced more than thirty LPs, each containing musical parodies that poke undamaging fun at the prominent public personalities. The Steps began as a group of officials who enjoyed satirizing their employers and organization they worked for. In 1981, they were to prepare a play in order to entertain a Christmas party. However, they ended up picking the famous headlines of the day as the subject of their performance. The act consisted of specially crafted song skits and parodies that brought forth their creative talents of mimicry and music before the audience.

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Their compositions feature some of the nation’s biggest controversies and scandals. Popular LPs by the Steps include ‘Fools on the Hill’, ‘Springtime for Liberals’, ‘Lord of the Fries’ and the recent ‘Fiscal Shades of Gray’. They have been featured by renowned television channels like NBC, PBS, ABC and CBS. They can also be heard on Public Radio stations, in which they present their radio special called ‘Politics Takes a Holiday’.  This special show is broadcasted live four times a year.
Over the years the Capitol Steps have expanded and enhanced their skills through the addition of professional actors in the group. Today, they stage live theatrical concerts at several venues across the States. The audience simply loves their keen observations and unique style of comedy. If you want to catch this entertaining show of musical parodies then get your cheap Capitol Steps Milwaukee tickets on time.

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