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If you are finding it hard to dot a clean comedy show then Brian Regan is your guy. He is another master of work created by Comedy Central. His observational comedy has hit off well among the audiences. He is admired among his peers as well; Patton Oswalt admires his versatility done in a classic manner and calls him “the best stand up working today”.

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About Brian Regan San Luis Obispo Tickets

Brian Regan started as a stand-up comedian in the early 90s and has gone places since then. His most popular shows have been Short Attention Span Theater, Comedy Central Presents and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. His work has gained popularity for its simplicity and how he keeps it clean. He talks about everyday situation life things and overstates the humorous side of it. His animated personality makes it even funnier and he use different tones to add depth to his characters. His acts are about anything; can be something petty or big like a walkie talkie, ups, refrigerators, ironing board, emergency room or politics.

Regan is successful in bringing something new to his spoof every time, the only thing that is consistent among all these gigs is his classy, hilarious humor. He has released a couple of his DVDs based on his performances at Comedy Central. Brian Regan is now taking his humor cannon to the city of San Luis. His shows are the kind of fun you would regret to miss and if you don’t want to do that then get your Brian Regan San Luis Obispo Tickets now!