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Brian Regan is a standup comedian from Miami, Florida. His comedy style is observational and sarcastic, and he often inflicts jokes onto himself, making fun of his many aspects. Unlike other standup comedians, his style is clean of profanities or crude and vulgar humor. In his shows, he talks about everyday events and makes them sound humorous—be it a doctor’s appointment or receiving a shipment. He also often refers to his childhood and speaks of baseball games, school projects and spelling bees. Because of his clean humor, his audience ranges from the younger crowd to the older working class listeners. Thus, to enjoy a night of family friendly comedy, get hold of some Brian Regan Napa tickets.

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Regan’s comedy style has been applauded by other comedians and critics alike. He has received praise by the likes of the “Wall Street Journal”, “Comedy Central”, “The Onion” and “Slate”. His success as a comedian can be accounted to the fact that his dedication for this path started when he was in high school. At one point, he even dropped out so he could begin his career early, although he returned to school when his family disapproved. And today, he plays night after night of sold out shows. To attend his live events, you can even get cheap Brian Regan Napa tickets online.
His shows are popular, that they are recorded in DVDs and are widely sold. So get Brian Regan Napa tickets and mark your attendance at a fun-filled event.

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