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Two of the most popular American comedians, Billy Gardell and Shaun Majumder are now making their way to Niagara Falls for a live show. Both of the entertainers have enjoyed equal success and fame over the years. Through their signature comedic styles, they have been able to establish a loyal fan base over the years. With their admirers spread across the fifty states in America, Gardell and Majumder’s standup performances are attended by thousands. You can also become a part of their upcoming Billy Gardell Shaun Majumder event. Get your set of cheap Billy Gardell Shaun Majumder tickets today

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About Billy Gardell Shaun Majumder Niagara Falls Tickets

Born in 1969, the first artist who will be performing in Niagara Falls is Billy Gardell. Real name William Gardell, the multi-talented entertainer is a popular voice artist, comedian, actor and standup performer. Currently working in the television series Mike & Molly, playing the role of a police officer named Mike Biggs; Gardell initiated his professional career in 1987. Growing up in Swissvale Pittsburgh, Gardell moved to Florida when he was still attending high school. He started working at local departmental schools during his teenage years. It wasn’t until he turned eighteen and started performing standup comedy in front of smaller crowd at the Bonkerz Club in Florida that he realized that entertainment was his destiny.
Gardell was soon discovered from the small club and was invited to perform opening acts for famous comedians such as George Carlin and Dennis Miller. However, being on the road for a few months created doubts in the young artist’s mind for being away took a toll on his familial relations. This uncertainty didn’t last for long as Gardell was soon approached to work in several feature films such as Bad Santa alongside Billy Bob Thornton, Avenging Angelo opposite Anthony Quinn and Sylvester Stallone and You, Me and Dupree, opposite Owen Wilson. The comedian has also appeared in recurring roles on several television series such as The Practice, Heist, Lucky, the Desperate Housewives, Bones, Monk, Earl and the King of Queens. He was also invited by the Comedy Central Network to perform a cameo role in Make Me Laugh
Currently the entertainer stars in the series Mike & Molly and My Name is Earl, while also making regular appearances on local radios such as WDVE’s The DVE Morning Show. Apart from performing and touring throughout America, Gardell has also released his comedy album called “Bill Gardell: Throwback”. Now his fans have the opportunity of watching their favorite comedian perform live on stage by purchasing Billy Gardell Shaun Majumder tickets.
Shaun Majumder will be lighting up the stage right after Billy’s act. Born in 1972 in Burlington, Majumder started off a career on television while still in his youth. Working as a host on game shows such as CLIPS and Uh Oh! Majumder gained popularity by the name of Ed Brainbin. As he grew up he continued to host television programs. He got famous for hosting This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Just for Laughs, both of which he presented in 2003. The comedian has also worked on the FOX Network’s Cedric the Entertainer Presents, appearing in the series that aired in America. During the same year, the entertainer was approached by the NFB Network to star in the Canadian documentary “The Next Big Thing”. His other works include pilots and movies such as “Plain Brown Rapper”, “Hatching, Matching and Dispatching” and “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”.
One of his standup acts for which Shaun Majumder is most famous for is the character of Raj Binder. Playing Majumder’s alter ego, Binder is a nervous and socially awkward Indian reporter who has a strong accent. Since 2013, Majumder has started hosting his very own show named “Majumder Manor” in which the comedian aims to increase tourism to his hometown. Watch Majumder perform some of his most popular acts in Niagara Falls this season. Attend an evening full of laughter by buying Billy Gardell Shaun Majumder tickets today.