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Billy Connolly is a multi-talented Scottish actor, presenter, musician and comedian, often referred to as ‘The Big Yin’ in his native homeland. At the start of the seventies, the artist switched form being a folk-singer to a more comedic persona, turning into a full-on comedian. Today he is best recognized as a standup comedian who uses observational comedy as his main instrument in bringing forth the laughs. He makes jokes on subjects such as flatulence, defecation, blasphemy, cruelty from his aunt, and his father’s illness. Since entering the mature stage of his career, and experiencing aging personally, he has now begun poking fun at old age as well. In 2007 and 2010, Connolly was honored as the greatest stand-up act by Channel 4, in its list of hundred greatest stand-ups. His comedy DVD releases include Live 2002, Live in New York, Was it Something I Said, You Asked For It and Live in London 2010.The comedian has made quite a few TV appearances on shows with Craig Ferguson, David Letterman, Bill Maher, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, Carson Daly, as well as Enough Rope, and Rove Live among numerous others.  Connolly’s quick-wittedness and off-the-cut sense of humor has made him a favorite among comedy fans, which explains why Billy Connolly tickets are such a treat among laughter lovers.

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About Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly was interested in being a professional comedian since he was merely twelve, but did not pursue the idea thinking he lacked a certain sparkle. In latter years, he became increasingly interested in folk singing, took up the career and soon formed the pop-folk duo with Tam Harvey, known as The Humblebums. However, it was not long before Harvey left so that future famous rocker Gerry Rafferty was brought in. Working with the latter had a far reaching impact on Connolly’s idiosyncratic humor as he recalls how Rafferty’s expertly telephone pranks made while the two waited backstage, gave him the laughter shrieks. Connolly’s contributions to the duo comprised of simple pop-folk tunes with whimsical quirky lyrics, though at the time comedy was not his focus. When The Humblebums disbanded, Connolly went back to being a solo folk singer and continued doing frequent folk music shows where the duration of his comedy introductions increased with time.

Billy Connolly’s humorous presentations preceding his folk concerts caught the attention of Nat Joseph from Transatlantic Records, who noted the potential in the artist’s comedic skills. He suggested Connolly to leave folk singing and focus instead on his talents as a comedian. By 1972, Connolly was on his way to releasing his first solo album called Bill Connolly Live!, which was a combination of brief monologues and humorous songs, hinting at what the artist was venturing into. Towards the end of the following year, Joseph produced Connolly’s second solo studio album that made him a British star. This record was basically a double album called Solo Concert, which was recorded in Airdrie, at the small venue of Tudor Hotel. Due to the extensive success and popularity brought by the album, Connolly could book a spot on Britain’s famous TV talk show called BBC’s Parkinson. With this opportunity, the artist left a huge impact on comedy fans, while he also became good friends with the host Michael Parkinson. Connolly is now known to have made the most number of appearances on the show, having been invited fifteen times.

Billy Connolly took his first world tour in the late eighties, which also featured six performances in London’s Royal Albert Hall, where his shows were documented under Billy and Albert. The comedian has established quite a reputation for live performances having taken several tours including his Irish tour of 2008. As part of the Irish tour, he performed thrice at the University Concert Hall, did ten shows in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, three shows at the famous Cork Opera House, and five shows in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. Just grab some cheap Billy Connolly tickets and be there to unwind with some of the most delightful laughs you have had in a while.

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